Perhaps no single group will have more impact on the future of Hawaii than its fastest growing segment., the Filipino community. With over 168,000 Filipinos residing in Hawaii and over 15% of the population, the Filipino community is poised to influence the future direction of business and politics here in Hawaii.


Filipinos represent the fastest growing ethnic group in Hawaii, with roughly 4,000 new immigrants arriving annually representing 50.2% of all immigrants to Hawaii. The Filipino population in Hawaii grew about 26% from 1980 to 1990. Based on the 2000 U.S. Census statistics. Filipinos, (including those of mixed race or ethnicity) totaled 276,784,  a 65% growth from the 1990 statistics.


English is the most widely spoken language among Filipinos. The average persons per household for Filipinos is 5.5 compared to the state and national average of 3 persons per household.


Today, Filipinos comprise the largest Pacific Islander ethnic community in America. Filipino-American consumers have $25 billion annual buying power and 60% of the population is under the age of 35. The Filipino-American household in America earns $50, 713 per year, 32% more than the average American household income.


(Source: 1990 and 2000 U.S. Census, U.S. Census Social & Economic Characteristics,  U.S., Find/SVP Inc. 1995 and Market Segment Research)







The Filipino Market is an excellent potential to market your products and services. As the third largest and fastest growing ethnic group, the Filipino community greatly influences the direction of retail, wholesale, and service industries in Hawaii. There is no better source for you to reach this emerging group than the Hawaii Filipino Chronicle, now a weekly newspaper publication with 20,000 copies every issue distributed directly to subscribers and circulated free through selected outlets throughout Hawaii.


It is published every Saturday of the week except December and January and September where it is published twice a month. Currently, there are over 280 outlets on Oahu and the neighbor islands. The paper is continuously enhancing its market penetration by adding more outlets and increasing its subscription base and direct mailing. No other Filipino publication can offer your business comparable depth of exposure, community awareness and market penetration as does the Chronicle.


“Marketers agree that the easiest way to reach ethnic groups is through advertising in community-language newspapers”

– Bank Marketing Association, 1992







Marketers agree that the best way to reach ethnic groups is through advertising in community-language newspapers. As you will note, we are offering Advertisers a wide range of opportunities-display ads,

direct mail inserts, classified and business card advertisements, and corporate subscriptions. We invite you to share in our growth!




"Advertising in the Hawaii Filipino Chronicle helped increase my business. I managed to get the largest response second only to word of mouth."

—KERMIT BROWN JR., Browns Driving School


"People know where we are and who we are and people recognized that I opened my own business, as a result of advertising in the Chronicle."

—ROLAND CASAMINA, President, House of Finance


"The tax side of the business benefited through the advertisement during the tax season. We have received several calls saying that they saw my picture in the paper (the Hawaii Filipino Chronicle), and of course, calls that asked about our services, too. We gained new clients and have met people we never knew before."

—ELDIE GAWIRAN, Tax Preparer & Realtor Associate, Realty Consultants, Kalihi





Rates for Black/White Standard Space Units include normal production services. Excessive copy, artwork, or illustrations will require additional charges.

Production Services


Design & Typesetting

$80.00 per hour


$80.00 per hour


$25.00 to $75.00 per page

Color Separation

To be provided by Advertiser


1 column

1 7/8 inches

11.5 picas

2 columns

4 inches

24 picas

3 columns

6 1/6 inches

36.6 picas

4 columns

8 1/8 inches

49 picas

5 columns

10 1/4 inches

62 picas




Black/White Rates for Standard Space Units

SIZE OF AD             1x           6x          12x         18x         24x         32x          44x

(in column inches)


Up to 10.5 ci           $56.00     $52.00     $48.00     $44.00     $40.00     $35.00     $30.50

10.6 to 21 ci              36.00       34.00       32.00       30.50       28.50       23.50       20.50

22 to 37.5 ci              29.20       28.20       27.00       26.00       25.00       24.00       23.00

37.6 to 75 ci              28.20       26.20       24.20       22.75       21.75       19.00       16.50


                                    1x            6x         12x          18x          24x         32x        44x

Full-Page                   2,115       1,908      1,815       1,706        1,631       1,425    1,200

Half-Page                  1,095       1,058      1,013          975           848          782        530

1/4 Page                      675          638          600          572           535          443        386

1/8 Page                      525          489          450          413           375          328        281


Prices include normal production services. Excessive copy, artwork, or illustrations will require additional charges. Please call the Production Department at least three weeks in advance of the issue date for more information.


Ad Sizes                                Inches                   Picas

Full Page                                10-1/4 x 15              62 x 90

1/2 Page Square                    8-1/8 x 9-3/8           49 x 56.5

1/2 Page Vertical                    4-7/8 x 14-1/2         29.5 x 87.5

1/2 Page Horizontal             10-1/4 x 7 62 x 42

1/4 Page Square                    6-1/16 x 6-1/4         36.6 x 37.6

1/4 Page Vertical                    4-7/8 x 7                  29.5 x 42.5

1/4 Page Horizontal              8-1/8 x 4-3/8            49 x 26.6

1/8 Page Square               4 x 4-3/4                  24 x 28.5

1/8 Page Vertical                    4-7/8 x 3-1/2           29.5 x 21

1/8 Page Horizontal              6-1/16 x 3-1/8          36.6 x 19



Black + 1 Color Add $400.00

Black + 2 Colors Add $496.00

Four-Color Add $637.00

Color separations to be provided by Advertiser.


* Add 4.712% tax.


Guaranteed/Special Positions

1x           2x           3x

All positions, extra               20%        15%       10%

Back Page                              Full page ads only


Pre-printed inserts (Tax rate is 4.712%)

$120.00 per 1,000 for the full run plus tax

$150.00 per 1,000 for partial run plus tax

$165.00 for guaranteed position per 1,000 for full run plus tax

$185.00 for guaranteed position per 1,000 for partial run plus tax


Customer to provide pre-printed inserts. Special handling requirements (special sorts, unusual sizes or weights) may be subject to additional charges.


Mechanical Requirements

Reproduction is done by photo-offset. Black and white halftones should be screened at 75 line screen and provided in velox form. Process color (color separation) should be screened at up to 75 line screen. Color separations should be emulsion down. Color keys must be provided. No color key will be assessed additional charges.



Classified Rates

     1x                        4x         12x         24x

Line Text                $7.50/line                6.50         6.00         5.00

Boxed Ad               $8.50/line                7.50         7.00         6.00


Line Text has a maximum of 32 spaces. Boxed ads may be any size as long as it is 2” wide or a multiple of 2’. Minimum 3 lines required for classified ads.


Business Card Section

Once a month                      $100.00/month

Twice a month                     $85.00 /issue

Four times a month       $75/issue


A minimum of 3-month contracts only. No copy changes allowed. Ads for this section are non-commissionable.

* A one-time set-up fee of $ 65.00 will be assessed for all new ads. (Please call or e-mail us for updated rate information)

* 4.712% tax must be added to the advertised prices.


The Hawaii Filipino Chronicle is distributed every other Saturday of the month (twice a month).  The deadline for space reservation for advertising is 4 weeks prior to publication date.  Camera-ready artwork is due 10 business days prior to issue publication.  Deadline for submission of editorial material is 3 weeks prior to issue publication.  Pre-printed inserts need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to issue publication.

Cancellations after camera-ready art deadline will be billed for the value of the space reserved. All rates are subject to change without prior notice effective January 1, 2015.