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Caroline Julian-Freitas, a veteran contributing writer to the HFC and former TV producer, said, the Filipino Chronicle “has provided great insight, analysis, thought-provoking and relevant stories important to the Filipinos of Hawaii. The Chronicle’s profiles on Filipino leaders, political insights and issues are what makes it a go-to newspaper for Filipinos in the community. HFC continues to unite and bring great pride to the community.”

Rose Cruz Churma, former President of the FilCom Center, has been providing book reviews for the HFC and press releases for various community organizations she is involved with. She called the HFC the “voice” of the Filipino community in Hawaii.

“It provides in-depth articles that impact Filipinos of Hawaii. It strives to present serious articles that may not be as popular as personality profiles or pictorials of social events. I am thankful there are choices to those of us who still read the news in print and value an articulate and thoughtful article.

“I like the fact that each issue may contain an interesting article worth reading. In today’s world where we are inundated with information in various formats, it is refreshing to read articles by local writers on a variety of topics, most of which are unique to Hawaii.”

On the HFC’s historical impact, Cruz Churma said, “there is a need for newspapers that track footprints of our collective presence as an ethnic group. Years from now, researchers will use the HFC’s past issues to tell our story, maybe even alter history books to show the tremendous contributions of our community.

“The HFC has also continually provide reviews and articles that promote and celebrate aspects of our history, culture and art that encourage thoughtful understanding and provide a deeper appreciation for what we are. Your editorials are less about the editor but more about the issues being discussed. In essence, the HFC strives to follow the basic tenets of journalism and has succeeded for the last 25 years.”

Frequent contributor to HFC Teresita Bernales, Ed.D., said she loves the feature articles, supplements, and stories on people who have made significant contributions to the betterment of the community.

“The Hawaii Filipino Chronicle is a gem and it keeps getting better as it ages. Keep on upholding the values of journalism as being the 4th State. You serve a very important role of being a watchdog, foremost --keeping our officials honest,” said Bernales.

Honolulu City Councilman Brandon Elefante said he’s been reading HFC since 2012. He is specifically thankful to the newspaper for sharing stories that highlight news in the community.

Another long-time reader (over 10 years) of HFC, Beth Hoban, said she is thankful that the community has a newspaper that enables Filipinos to read about themselves. She and her family enjoy reading the interviews.

President and CEO of a healthcare business, Hoban enjoys HFC’s stories related to the kupunas. HFC has reported on the Kupuna Caregivers Program and other seniors-related topics for years. Coverage on seniors have been “insightful to get a perspective of an elderly person’s vision about aging and the impact family has on a kupuna,” she said.

Contributing writer Serafin Colmenares, Jr. looks forward to HFC for the timely news and features. He also enjoys the newspaper’s Philippine news sections.

Realizing the continued interest of immigrants’ home country, one of HFC’s missions has always been to cover Philippine news and features.

Dr. Flora Medina-Manual, a pediatrician and advertiser, is specifically thankful to HFC’s publisher for her “excellent job” and “sacrifice” for keeping the newspaper going.

“HFC has touched every aspect of our lives with regards to medical advances and informative topics on immigration , social security and social activities,” said Dr. Medina-Manual.

HFC co-publisher Dr. Sonido also serves as the newspaper’s medical editor who writes informative health articles or invites others in the medical community to submit articles. The newspaper’s coverage on the charitable work of medical organizations like the Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii, Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls, and others, has been an ongoing theme.


25 years is a milestone for HFC. Its relevancy remains today as it did from the beginning. But as other newspapers, HFC is faced with the challenge of securing a solid niche in the digital mass market that will eventually dictate all print media’s ability to survive.

That do-or-die tipping point has not arrived yet; that HFC must eventually grow big, a lot bigger than it is now. What would the community’s role be in this transition? Will other multiple investors step in to grow it as the giant Chinese and Hispanic dailies? Will a younger generation of writers, journalists, political analysts, professionals in various fields carry on the torch?

In the next 25 years, 50 years, can it grow into an ethnic media institution? Or will it end as a legacy of its current owners and core staff, and be referred to as a great historical archive that once “chronicled” the lives of Filipinos during one of their most dynamic generations?

Only time will tell. Perhaps, as it was 25 years ago, the Filipino community’s needs will shine a light on that right path.

For now, in the spirit of Thanksgiving season, Montesines-Sonido said “We are very grateful for the many blessings we have received from above and from our supporters, advertisers, families and friends who have helped us to continue our work to be the voice of the Filipino community!”


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