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Bohe-Mora Wedding Has Hawaii- Hollywood Love Connection

by Edna Bautista, Ed.D., C.W.S.

They have worked on Hollywood hits, such as “The Amazing Race”, “America’s Top Model” and “The Biggest Loser”. But on July 29, 2018, Maria Carlota Bohe and Robert (Bob) Mora were co-stars at their own wedding in Hawaii.


The Filipina-American bride is a 2000 honor graduate of Moanalua High School where she was the student body president. She went on to study Television Production and English Literature at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, and then found work as a researcher, travel coordinator and production manager for various reality TV series and documentaries.

Bohe met her leading man when they were both working on the game show “The Amazing Race” for which Mora has won two primetime Emmy awards as producer. Like the name of another game show, he said they had a ‘love connection’.

He recalled, “I saw Maria walking across the parking lot. I was just leaving the office. I thought, ‘Wow! Who is that cutie?’ So I turned around and walked back in to introduce myself. She played hard to get for months, turning me down several times before finally saying ‘yes’ to a date. I must have been a good date ‘cause we have been together ever since!”

However, unlike an amazing race, the couple took their time to nurture this relationship. Thirteen lucky years later, Bohe finally said “yes” to Mora’s proposal on Nov. 11, 2017, at the Griffith Observatory, which has spectacular views of the “City of Angels”, including the iconic Hollywood sign.


Scene 1: Duke’s Waikiki

Friday, July 27, 2018

Bohe and Mora’s wedding weekend began at Duke’s Waikiki where they gathered with some out-of-town guests for pau hana (happy hour). Duke Kahanamoku, after whom the restaurant is named, not only was a famous surfer, Olympic medalist, Honolulu sheriff and all-around “Ambassador of Aloha”. But he also played parts in nearly 30 Hollywood films. This movie star link made Duke’s an appropriate location for the Bohe-Mora welcome gathering.

Scene 2: Keawaula (Yokohama) Beach Saturday,

July 28, 2018

On the west side of Oahu, where the bride’s parents live (Waianae), some guests hiked Kaena Point and enjoyed swimming and hanging loose at the beach. But it was the lively lunch, a “boodle fight”, which gave everyone a fun and festive Filipino experience.

Boodle fights originated from the Philippine military at which hungry soldiers would gather to eat combat-style. Food is laid out on long tables covered in banana leaves. Diners stand side by side and practice kamayan (eat with hands) without utensils and dishes. Boodle fights can get competitive and chaotic but is full of camaraderie.

Now considered an exotic foodie trend, especially in the Philippines, Middle East, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and major cities around the world with a sizeable Filipino community, boodle fights make for a memorable and unique Pinoy party.

After the bride’s uncle, Fermin Guinto Jr., blessed the food, which featured an abundance of tropical dishes and traditional lechon, Bohe exclaimed: “Ready on the left? Ready on the right? Commence boodle fight!”

Scene 3: Paliku Gardens at Kualoa Ranch Sunday,

July 29, 2018

Bohe and Mora picked a picture-perfect location to celebrate their marriage. Kualoa Ranch was the site for their wedding ceremony and reception as well as the set for “Jurassic Park/World”, “Hawaii Five-0”, “Lost”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Godzilla”, “Jumanji”, “50 First Dates” and numerous other movies and TV shows.

The bride and her parents arrived at the venue in a rare “Roaring 20’s” Packard classic car, which was featured in The Learning Channel’s top-rated wedding show, “For Better or For Worse”, lending an old Hollywood glamour to the nuptials. It was also a meaningful drive for them from Turtle Bay Resort to Kualoa Ranch.

“Driving around the island was a favorite pastime of our family growing up, and making that 40-minute drive with just the two of them on this occasion was especially heartwarming,” Bohe said.

Processional song selections were from the Beach Boys. The bridesmaids and groomsmen walked in with “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” from the “50 First Dates” soundtrack, and the bride was escorted by her father with “God Only Knows” from the “Love Actually” soundtrack.

Kahu Jonanthan Kuahiwi Moniz of ‘Ae ‘Ike Hawaiian Wedding Officiant Services performed the intimate ceremony in Hawaiian and English. With a breathtaking backdrop of the windward coastline, Bohe and Mora exchanged their personalized vows in front of nearly 90 people. The groom got very emotional while stating his promises, which moved their guests and especially the bride.

“Bob is a very tough man and seeing his emotion was touching to all of us who know him,” she said.

After their first kiss as husband and wife, they walked the red carpet back to the vintage vehicle. Then they made their grand entrance later at a reception that followed with dinner and dancing at the base of the Kanehoalani mountain peak. A large aloha marquee sign displayed on the lawn symbolized the newlyweds’ love for each other and for their ohana (family) and friends.

“My favorite memory of the wedding day was the moment after the pictures with our wedding party and family, while we were waiting for the official announcement of husband and wife,” Bohe said. “We were standing on a hill overlooking the reception site and watching all of our friends laughing and talking to each other. We can feel the love and support from everyone below.”


Every great (love) story needs a best supporting cast of characters and capable crew. For Bohe and Mora’s wedding entourage, these included family and friends, some of whom also work in the television and entertainment industry.

The maid of honor was the bride’s younger sister, Cassandra Bohe, a producer. Bridesmaids included Grace Cruz (cousin), Valerie Arias Szopa, Claudia Franck and Rebekah Walter.

The best man and groom’s best friend, Darren Bunkley, is also an Emmy award-winning producer. Groomsmen included Steve Bae, Bob Ardent, John Rowe and Bechara Gholam.

The bride’s niece and nephew, Chloe Hanzawa and Jason Carter Hanzawa, were the “little stars of the show” as the flower girl and ring bearer. Their mother, Cristina Cruz Hanzawa, who is the bride’s cousin, designed the graphic elements for—and directed—the wedding day festivities

The setting of Paliku Gardens was naturally enhanced with additional tropical flowers and foliage arranged by Victor Semion.

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