APRIL 6, 2019


Lauren Cabrera: Miss Philippines Hawaii 2019


It has been said that Filipinos are fond of three Bs: Basketball, Boxing and Beauty Pageants. Filipina beauties have been making a name in pageantry all over the world, including the universe. Representatives from the Philippines in different pageants more often than not make it to the top. Just last year, the Philippines proudly celebrated the victory of bagging the Ms. Universe Crown by Filipino-Australian Catriona Gray. She became the fourth Filipina who has won the most coveted title. It has been proven that the Philippines is a beauty pageants powerhouse.

The beautiful women who are joining these beauty pageants are showing to the world that it is not just about having a pretty face and perfect body, it is also about having a great mind and a powerful advocacy. One of them is Lauren Cabrera, 24, who will be representing the Philippines in the Miss Hawaii Scholarship Pageant 2019 to be held on the 15th of June. Aside from being Miss Philippines Hawaii, she works in the entertainment department at Aulani a Disney Resort and Spa. She also teaches voice lessons, sings at weddings and she is a part of Allegiance, a theater production held at the Manoa Valley Theater from March 28th to April 7th.

“I decided to run for Miss Hawaii because I’ve been searching for a platform in which I can bridge my talents and desire to serve the community and embody the change I want to see,” said Cabrera when asked about her inspiration in joining the Miss Hawaii Scholarship Pageant. She added, “When I went to college in the Bay Area, I examined and wrestled with the idea that people face issues every day as a result of educational inequalities, food injustice, immigration laws, incarceration, the list of issues goes on and on. As a singer who is involved in musicals, I’ve been privileged to see how art can really empower people to work towards bettering themselves and their communities. Through my year of service and goals of becoming Miss America, I would like to make a national impact by opening up opportunities for the youth for arts education, and by starting conversations regarding issues happening today. I want to inspire youth to grow in their talents to create positive impact.”

The victory of the Philippines in Ms.Universe and other international pageants has proven to Lauren that anything is possible and within her power, and she hopes to do the same for her community. Standing confidently on the stage along with all the pageant hopefuls requires a lot of preparation and hard work.

“I am starting the process with a lot of mental preparation: building up my faith in God, faith in myself and my abilities, and working towards mental discipline to keep a positive perspective and to build a consistent practice routine for my public speaking skills, singing for the talent portion, and my pageant walk,” Cabrera said.

Lauren never dreamt of running in a pageant or becoming a beauty queen but according to her, she has always wanted to perform. When the door to pageantry opened up, she saw it as a way to broaden her horizons and take the next step in her career towards becoming a professional performer and activist through her art.

Indeed, winning the crown will open a lot of opportunities and will provide a platform to be able to fulfill goals and advocacies.

Lauren explained, “With my platform of Activism through the Arts, I would like to provide the youth with the opportunity to find and hone in on their talents to better themselves and their communities. I plan on implementing this through my Passion Workshops and Youth Empowerment Fairs. On a national level, I would like to propose my Passion Workshops to the Department of Education as an accessible alternative to schools who do not have funding for extracurricular programs. This program will make use of the non-profits, art programs, and activist groups that are already seeking active solutions for our community.”

Every candidate has something unique and beautiful to share but Lauren believes that her sense of faith and true desire to use this opportunity for the sake of her community will set her apart from the rest.

When she wins the crown of Miss Hawaii Scholarship Pageant in June at the Hawaii Theater, she will be the representative of the state in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant to be held in September. She is trusting that her fellow Filipinos will be behind her as she works on reaching the top and making the Philippines proud. She believes that the Filipino people are a people of faith, community and perseverance, and they know how to work tirelessly towards a goal. This makes her proud to represent the nation.

Lauren Cabrera is a woman who exudes beauty and grace, exhibits wisdom and compassion. From the words of Ms.Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, she’s confidently beautiful with a heart. Lauren will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.


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