NOV. 17, 2018


HFC at 25 – Staying Alive and Surviving in Paradise


Facts of the Matter: The Hawaii Filipino Chronicle just turned 25! Established on July 1, 1993, its first copy came out on October 1, 1993, and published initially on a semi-monthly basis ... “created in response to the growing need to reach out to the Filipino community, to inform and educate and provide the vehicle with which our community can grow and prosper.”

In other words: The HFC is celebrating a milestone record of over two decades of -- chronicling community calendar events, headline news and human interest cover stories, vignettes of art and leisure, history and culture, photo and personality profiles, armchair travelogues, business and legal notes, immigration, government and politics, health and medical breakthroughs, and updates on science and technology. Over for the past 25 years, the HFC has been delivering for consumption: the power of words! With sections in English? Yes! In Pilipino? Yes! In Ilokano? Yes!

In Filipino English? A stranger asked. Oh, come on, if you call it that, bless your soul. This is not a trick question for a prize puzzle. But for curious cranium busters: Filipino English, is indeed, Filipino! Hawaiian born? That, too. These things you call facts of the matter, make the HFC a demographic fit culturally where the Filipino imagination, if not his soul, ever roams.

And on top of this: the HFC continues to present to the public, its own timely, thought- provoking editorials and news stories on local and mainstream issues and subjects that have a direct or indirect impact on our lives, not just for the Filipino as the target audience, but for everyone else. Of course, out of obligation and necessity, the HFC is definitely standing, if not leaning, with a flavorful slant toward our Filipino- American-ness as a community. Where do we come in? And how?

Gentlemen, friends and ladies, hello! What if there were no HFC?

Imagine: without the HFC, in the past 25 years, we could have been less aware of ourselves as a community, less responsive to the calls of progress. We could have been bereft of the luxury of building relationships: meaningful ones, like bonding with one another with our freedom of talking sense about what matter most in our lives ... with the HFC as a happy medium -- of action, interaction, reaction -- to the events of the times. Imagine: us lacking some important tools and weapons for our day-to-day needs of protecting and safe- guarding ourselves from ignorance and our vulnerability to the unknown. Without the HFC as a sidewalk presence, we could have been short- changed of opportunities we didn’t know about ... without the information and leads that the HFC provided to us -- free. Thanks to the support of our readership and our benefactors who have wholeheartedly foot the bill for the Chronicle. Our events sponsors. Our advertisers. And to the pool of talent: our writers, reporters, staff and management. Without which...

Nary a whisper about us, as an ethnic group could have been heard ... our individual and collective voice could have been barely audible, a faceless entity in a sea of humanity.

The sweet fact is: The HFC came to light 25 years ago. Now it is that effective mouthpiece we use: our mega- phone that articulates and amplifies our vocal pitch in the wavelength of cultural dependence and interdependence in this global kaleidoscope of relationships. The HFC has been, and still is, one of the defining-redeeming tolls of communicating its mission and purpose, helping, guiding us to reach places and heights we haven’t been to before. And we are richer and stronger with it: on tierra firma, or in cyberspace, over the moon or under the sun, building dreams among the stars, roaming the milky way or the galaxies: anything possible because of man’s gift of freedom to imagine! Because we can hear our voice, others can listen, too, and we can all feel happy about it.

Just the thought itself: on a timeline journey of purpose, reaching the 25-year milestone... is awesomely rewarding! An achievement unsurpassed for a small paper that could be! The HFC with twenty-five exclamations points of existence and gainful experience, we celebrate! And give thanks!

Steadfast and long in enthusiasm and determination, even with limited resources (a shoestring budget) -- think of what the HFC does and what we get, pro bono, practically: Yes, we can pick up a gift-bag of “Yeses.”

Yes, it gathers and presents newsworthy subjects and topics, with its “trained nose” for “scents.”

Yes, it has a credo on Truth, Integrity and Principle. In reporting and publishing.

Yes, it has a “knows-it- edge’ to educate and entertain and amuse.

Yes, it welcomes your ideas, opinions and comments. It thrives on openness and fairness. And, Yes, if the HFC does not come to you, it is very accessible. In Regular or News Editions with Supplements from time to time. Pick up a free copy at convenient newsstands, at select offices and stores, and on the Internet. Thank goodness, God knows its open lines of communication, and, of course, its home address.

Chronicle! Chronicle! Catch the action: Happy Chronicling! And Happy 25th Anniversary!

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