MAY 6, 2017

Trump's 100 Days: Record More Important Than You Think


Everyone is trying to jump the gun on Donald Trump’s 100 days, officially on the April 29th. But I’d say Earth Day is a good barometer for what grade to give Donald Trump in advance.

Let’s see, he’s put in a climate-change denier to run the Environmental Protection Agency.

He’s cutting billions from the budget that would signal America’s global leadership on climate change.

And he wants to jump start coal like it’s some answer to our energy issues.

For taking us backward, and for raising our temperature levels, just like a good greenhouse gas, on every other issue from immigration to travel bans to North Korea and the Middle East, there’s only one grade for Trump.

And the F doesn’t stand for Filipino.

100 days? It’s a phony benchmark, Trump says.

It’s not.

It’s an early stage round number that can act as a political Nostradamic tool. (You know, the 16th Century French physician Nostradamus who could see the future, though I doubt he could have predicted Marine Le Pen).

100 days is more than just symbolism. It’s like a preventative check-up. Are they worthwhile or a waste? Not if you catch that thing in your colon.

And the Trump administration has some not so benign growths, before we start talking about Russia.

For a presidency, 100 days is the way to spot an early trend of an administration’s  credibility.

Is it trustworthy? Is it caring?

Above all else for Trump, it’s a matter of showing competency. Does it know what it’s doing?  Does Trump really know what it takes to lead? To govern? Is he right for the job?

100 days shows if an administration can go off its training wheels.

It also can confirm if voters made the right choice.

It’s like the money-back-guarantee on a purchase. Only there really isn’t a MBG for the presidency.

You can impeach, but that’s easier said than done. And then once impeached, it’s not easy to remove. (Like Bill Clinton).

Every day there’s a new spotlight on Trump’s exposure. Just this week, there’s the pimping of his own D.C. hotel on a State Department website. Add that to the potential conflicts with all his business holdings internationally.  But who knows the real extent since Trump’s failed to produce an income tax return that fully discloses Trump interests to establish some transparency.

At the very base, Trump has not even done the minimum we need for an incoming president.

If you thought it was a good idea to have government run as a business, then by now you must know how ridiculous that is.

Shareholders aren’t the same as citizens really. If they were, then why would Trump be so willing to throw 24 million off Obamacare? Or cut benefits and support to the poor and elderly?

Trump has tried to adapt his boss approach to government by issuing more executive orders in his first 100 days than previous presidents.

Most of them have had the impact of press releases. They’re basically photo ops for temporary laws that can be reversed at the drop of a hat.

For Trump, EO’s also create useless amounts of paperwork and argument, when boneheaded ideas are proposed like his Muslim travel bans, both of which have been halted by the courts, one by a judge in Hawaii.

Which brings us to yet another hallmark of Trump’s100 days, his placing into his administration clueless people whose philosophies are antithetical to the people.

Trump values money over intellect. If you’ve made money you’re a success. That’s why his billionaire cabinet which includes Betsy DeVos who never met a public school she didn’t like.

He likes people who will undo all the good that has come from previous generations.

In fact, some don’t even have a respect for the people of the United States of America. Case in point, Attorney General Jeff Sessions who was on conservative talk radio last week talking about the travel ban. Said Sessions: “I really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific can issue an order that stops the president of the United States from what appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power.”

Oh, my Lord. 

I am amazed that someone like Sessions from Alabama has the intelligence to rise to the levels of government.

Sessions defended his comments by saying “nobody has a sense of humor anymore.”

Well, there’s nothing funny about making fun of a U.S. judge of the 50th state for protecting the Constitution that says the government does not create laws against people purely for their race or religion.

There’s no joke in that. But in the First 100 days, the Trump administration has been such an enduring joke that Saturday Night Live has become the weekly antidote to all the stupidity and hypocrisy coming out of the White House.

This is where we are. The undoing of America.

And despite downplaying the 100, Trump seems desperate to do something by the deadline. Who knows?

Tax cuts, especially the roll back of corporate taxes? You mean more “trickle down?”  No matter what Trump says, we already know that that doesn’t work.

The Armada heading to North Korea? For World War 2.5? 2.75?

Trump may try to be a “100 day” denier. But his 100 days is on the record. And as we review it, it gives us a chance to see the difference between the campaign guy and the guy in office. And now when the new president is on the honeymoon, when the president is new and usually will get a pass to get some things done, we look back and see, he’s done nothing.

He makes a gridlocked Congress look more active.

As I write the best thing Trump done is say he’ll push back the funding for his border wall until later this year.

 That may be the best approach for Trump, to not do anything, not break anything while he’s there.

 And wait for people to emerge to engage the people in what government can do for a country united. Sounds like a John Kennedy line.

And that’s the importance of the 100 days. It may spur some people to finally decide it’s time to really take action.


EMIL GUILLERMO is an award-winning journalist and commentator who writes from Northern California. He recently won the 2015 Dr. Suzanne Ahn Award for Civil Rights and Social Justice from the Asian American Journalists Association California.

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