MARCH 2, 2019


Public Invited to Consumer Fairs

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) will commemorate National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) by hosting a free Consumer Education Fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on March 6 in the courtyard of the King Kalakaua Building at 335 Merchant St. The building is the location of the downtown Honolulu Post Office and metered parking is available for the public.

“The purpose of NCPW is to promote consumer education by providing free information that will help protect people’s privacy, manage their money and debt, and avoid identity theft, frauds and scams,” said DCCA Director Catherine Awakuni Colón. “We encourage residents to attend the free fair as a one-stop-shop for consumer resources. We will have representatives from over two dozen government and nonprofit agencies available to answer questions.”

Consumers can pick up their free copy of the Consumer Guide to Healthcare Providers and Military Consumer Fraud Guide. These booklets focus on issues relating to consumer rights regarding healthcare issues, basic consumer issues, and what to do if consumers need to file complaints.


Creative Lab Hawaii Hosts 2019 Ideation Program

The state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism’s (DBEDT) Creative Industries Division (CID) invites creative entrepreneurs to apply for the 2019 Creative Lab Hawaii (CLH) Weekend Ideation program that will focus on cultivating opportunities for indigenous storytelling on global platforms, which includes three months of follow on mentorship.

Creative Lab Hawaii (CLH) Weekend Ideation Program: From Shorts to Long Form Content – A Program for Indigenous Storytelling, June 1 and 2, 2019, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach.

The free CLH Ideation Weekend workshop caters to creative entrepreneurs who look to explore ways in which they can execute a story they’re committed to telling. Those who have a written idea, concept, or fully developed short—and are interested in taking the next step to create a plan for their project—can learn strategies to maximize their time, creative and financial resources. In addition to the two-day workshop, participants will benefit from the guidance and support of a three-month coaching program.

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2019. To be eligible for the program, participation in one CLH Information Session BEFORE the program application deadline is required.


Chamber of Commerce Hawaii: Proposals to Increase Minimum Wage Would Hurt Hawaii Businesses & Economy

HONOLULU–The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii raised concerns with four proposals to increase Hawaii’s minimum wage in hearings at the State Capitol Thursday. The Chamber asked lawmakers to consider the impact these bills would have on local businesses’ ability to continue to create jobs, survive in a high cost of living state and pay for benefits currently offered to employees.

From the Chamber’s testimony:

“The passage of these bills would seriously harm local businesses, the state economy, job creation and, potentially, the very employees it is trying to help.

“As a direct result of the significant proposed increase in the minimum wage, some businesses may have to cut back hours, reduce benefits or limit the hiring of new employees. Increasing the minimum wage will also greatly affect job opportunities, especially for new, unskilled workers. In addition to traditional adult workers changing industries, young adult workers also often receive their initial work experience by starting at unskilled jobs.”

The Chamber submitted testimony on SB 789, SB 1248, HB 96 and HB 1191. The testimony also requested that lawmakers consider Hawaii’s high mandatory health care costs under the Prepaid Health Care Act.


AARP Hawaii Is Accepting Applications for Community Grants

HONOLULU–Nonprofits and government entities are invited to apply for AARP Hawaii’s 2019 AARP Community Challenge grant program. The grant program, which is now in its third year, is part of AARP’s nationwide Livable Communities initiative, which aims to make communities great places to live for everyone.

Grants can range from several hundred dollars for small, short-term activities to several thousand for larger projects.

Since 2017, AARP has awarded 217 grants through the Community Challenge to nonprofit organizations and government entities representing every state and U.S. territories.

The application deadline is Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 11:59 p.m. ET, and all projects must be completed by Monday, November 4, 2019. Applications must be submitted through AARP.org/CommunityChallenge.

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