AUGUST 3, 2019


Join the Largest Filipino-American Celebration in the U.S., The Pistahan Parade and Festival

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—The greater San Francisco community invites Filipinos across the nation to join them in the 26th Annual Pistahan Parade and Festival on August 10, starting at 11 a.m., beginning at the Civic Center (parade start) and ending on Fourth Street, next to the Yerba Buena Gardens (site of fiesta).

The Festival is expected to draw over 80,000 individuals, making it the largest celebration of Filipino-Americans in the U.S. Colorful floats, marching bands and lively community contingents will highlight the event.

This year marks the event’s 26th anniversary; its theme this time is “Crossing Barriers and Bridging Cultures.”


Senate Democrats Hold Hearings on Conditions at Migrant Detention Facilities

“The Trump administration falsely claims it has no choice but to treat migrants in this way because the immigration system is overwhelmed, but there is always a choice to treat people humanely,” said Senator Mazie Hirono during a hearing to investigate the deteriorating conditions at the United States’ southern border, as well as reports of abuse and cruelty in border detention facilities.

Hirono (D-Hawaii), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Tom Udall (D-N.M.), and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) led a Democratic Policy and Communications Committee (DPCC) hearing titled “America Speaks Out: Stop Trump’s Cruel Treatment of Children at the Border.”

The senators heard testimony from medical, legal, and policy experts who recently visited the border and observed the conditions at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities and other government facilities that hold children. Despite widespread attention and outcry about the worsening conditions at CBP facilities and the growing humanitarian crisis at the border, U.S. Senate Republicans have continued to refuse to hold hearings or investigations pertaining to the unsafe and unsanitary conditions for children at the southern border.

Senator Hirono said: “It was the Trump administration’s choice to subject children and families to prolonged detention, instead of using effective alternatives to detention or releasing them on their own recognizance. It was the Trump administration’s choice to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid to Northern Triangle countries that would have mitigated the root causes of migration.”

Earlier this Congress, Senator Hirono introduced several bills to address the conditions at the southern border including S. 661, the Child Trafficking Victims Protection and Welfare Act of 2019, which expands protections for vulnerable migrant children while they are in the custody of CBP. Senator Hirono, along with 20 of her U.S. Senate colleagues, also introduced, S. 662, the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act, which provides unaccompanied children with access to legal representation when they appear in removal proceedings before an immigration judge. Senator Hirono is also an original co-sponsor of S. 2113, the Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act, which would end the Trump administration’s treatment of children at the U.S.-Mexico border and reform how children fleeing persecution are treated when they arrive at the border to claim asylum.

Senator Hirono previously joined Senate Democrats in May to introduce S. 1445, the Central America Reform and Enforcement Act, which would address the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to the United States. The ongoing violence has driven children and families to flee to and seek refuge in the United States.


Estioko Places First in Hula Festival in California

SACRAMENTO, CA—Paul Estioko won 1st prize in both hula kahiko (traditional hula) and hula ‘auana (modern or contemporary hula) during 3-day 13th George Na’Ope Hula Festival held in July 19-21 at Holiday Inn Downtown Arena. Estioko is a student under Kumu Marlo Caramat from Pleasant Hill/Santa Clara Halau.

Paul V. Estioko, 26, competed in hula kane (male) division for both solo hula ‘auana on Friday with mele (chant/song/poem) Waikaloa and solo hula kahiko with mele (Na Wai Puna O Kumahi’o Kaho’olawe) on Saturday. He won both categories. He was supported by members of his Halau and the Estioko hula dancers: siblings Maryrose and Rose (Tweety) and cousin Jane and her daughter Mikayla, all members of Kumu Marlo Caramat’s halau in Pleasant Hill/Santa Clara.

The 3-day hula festival was presented by the Makanaaloha Group and sponsored by Hawaiian Feathers.com and the Makanaaloha Group with part sponsorship by Holiday Inn Downtown Arena and the Maui Republic.

Estioko is a student of Oriental Medicine and will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering in Hawaii this coming Fall semester. He received a of Bachelor of Life Science (BLS) at San Jose State University, cum laude. He is the son of Elpidio and Delia Estioko from Milpitas, California.

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