NOV. 3, 2018


Trump Wants To End Birthright Citizenship

President Donald Trump announced another hardline immigration proposal. The President said he wants to order an end to the constitutional right to citizenship for babies born in the United States to noncitizens.

Legal scholars believe the president wouldn’t be able to implement a change unilaterally. But Trump says he could end birthright citizenship by executive order.

Suzanna Sherry, a professor of law at Vanderbilt Law School specializing in constitutional questions, said those advising Trump that he can change the Constitution via executive order are simply mistaken. “He can’t do it by himself and, in fact, he can’t do it even if Congress passed a statue.”

“I think it would take a Constitutional amendment,” she said. “I don’t see it as having any plausible legal basis,” she said.

The Pew Research Center found in a survey published two years ago that births to “unauthorized immigrants” were declining and accounted for about 1 in 3 births to foreign-born mothers in the U.S. in 2014. About 275,000 babies were born to such parents in 2014, or about 7 percent of the 4 million births in the U.S. that year, according to Pew estimates based on government data. That represented a decline from 330,000 in 2009, at the end of the recession.

The topic of birthright citizenship had come up inside the West Wing at various times over at least the last year, but has some internal detractors. White House lawyers have debated the topic, and expect to work with the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel to develop a legal justification for the action. It is one of many immigration changes being discussed including asylum law changes, and barring the migrant caravan from entering the country.

But administration officials said there would likely be no decisions until after the midterms.


New Law Gives Additional Sick Leave for Veterans

Introduced by Mazie Hirono, the Veterans Providing Healthcare Transition Improvement Act was signed into law by President Donald Trump. The new law ensures veterans with a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability rating of 30% or higher who are hired by the VA in critical medical positions can access additional paid sick leave during their first year on the job.

“This newly signed law will ensure the VA’s disabled veteran employees receive the same additional paid sick leave that is available to other federal agency employees,” Senator Hirono said. “The VA is a critical agency and this law will encourage disabled veterans to continue their service to our country by helping to fill tens of thousands of vacancies at its medical facilities in Hawaii and across the country.”

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