A Toddler’s Letter for the Frontliners

By Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

My daughter, Callie, knows about the coronavirus that is why she could not play with her friends outside the house. She had been asking us if she could to attend Kids Church on Sundays and go to a kids café on weekdays but all she could do for now is to play with her little brother and entertain herself by watching Peppa Pig, playing Lego, painting and coloring, and reading her books. She calls her friends and cousins online so she can share her stories. She also loves making cards for people on the frontlines and praying for them before she goes to sleep. 

Here’s her simple letter for the people working hard to fight the virus, heal those affected, serve the people and maintain the security so she could be safe.

Dear Frontliners,

Hi! My name is Callie. I am four years old and I live in South Korea with my mommy, daddy and little brother, Yohan. My parents said that there is a virus outside so we have to stay home. I really want to play outside with my friends but I will have to wait a little longer. Every night, I ask Jesus for so many things. One of those things is to pray for the frontliners- for the leaders, doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen, and shopkeepers. I even pray for the animals, Peppa Pig and the mermaids.

For the leaders, it must be very hard to lead now. There are so many decisions you have to make. I pray for God to make you wise so you will help the people that you lead well. I also pray for God to protect you so you won’t get sick because your people need you now.

To all the doctors, nurses and those who work in hospitals around the world, Yohan and I are very proud of you. Mommy said your job is very dangerous because you might get infected. Our family is asking God every day to protect all of you so you won’t get sick. There are many sick people right now and they need you. Your family needs you too. Maybe some of you have children waiting for you at home, I’m sure they miss hugging and kissing you like I do when daddy goes to work. When he comes home, he asks us to wait because he needs to clean himself first. It must be very hard for you and your family. Thank you for healing the sick. May God bless all of you.

To all the policemen, firefighters, military people guarding the streets, thank you, too! You are all so brave. Thank you for making sure that the people obey the rules so the virus won’t spread.

To those working in shops like groceries and pharmacies, thank you. While the rest of the world is staying home, you need to work so we can still buy the things we need and life can continue.

There are so many people working together to fight this virus. My brother, Yohan and I keep you in our thoughts. Yes, all we think of is playing but before we sleep, mommy and daddy always remind us to pray for you because you are all heroes like my favorite PJ Masks. I also tell God to make the coronavirus go away so it won’t hurt people anymore. I know that Jesus hears my prayers.

Daddy said the time will come that life will be back to normal. We can go out and we can visit the zoo, play with my friends, eat spaghetti in a restaurant and so much more! When that time comes, I will thank God and ask him to bless all of you who worked hard to fight the virus.

It might take a while. Mommy said we don’t know yet when this will end. So please hang in there. Keep fighting. We know it’s hard. We are here for you, praying and cheering you on! Like they always say here in Korea, aja aja huwaiting!

We will continue to wash our hands, cover our mouth when coughing and stay home so you can all go home soon.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FRONTLINERS!

Love, Callie

If you are reading this and you are a frontliner, thank you for your service. Thank you for laying down your life for another, for sacrificing your time with your family just so someone can go back healthy to his or her family. Thank you for enduring the lack of protective gears, the pain of losing colleagues and patients, for simply being selfless. Saying ‘Thank you’ will never be enough to express our gratitude to every one of you who are out in the field. Our family will continue to stay home as much as we can, give because all of you have been generous, and pray for all of you knowing that it is the most powerful weapon that we have against this virus. We are proud of you, our hero!

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