Filipinos Take Strides Forward Toward Filipino Empowerment, But Low Voter Participation Still Hinders Progress


To spike Filipino voter participation, Hawaii’s Filipino community in the past has tried coordinated carpooling to election sites, set up voter registration booths at community events and publish and announce election information in Filipino newspapers and radio programs.

St. George Parish Reaches Historic Milestone, 70th Anniversary and Its Filipino Catholic Ministry Holds First Santacruzan

by Edwin Quinabo St. George Parish in Waimanalo, its consecrated leaders and parishioners are counting their blessings as they celebrate the church’s 70th anniversary. Just [Read More…]

St. George Parish is Doing God’s Work, Congratulations on Its 70th Anniversary, And Much Success to Its Filipino Catholic Ministry

Congratulations to St. George Parish and all the priests who served there and its parishioners on their 70th anniversary.  What a historic milestone reached for [Read More…]