CHRONICLE PULSE: What do you think about distant learning vs. regular classroom sessions?


Senior, Public Health and Filipino Language & Literature, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Kalihi

“Digital learning has its pros such as not having to commute long distances and wait in the notorious Oahu traffic. It also forces you to be disciplined and maintain your focus for both synchronous and asynchronous classes. On the contrary, the challenge with remote learning is that one may feel that they are not getting the education that they paid for; some pathways require more hands-on experience. Additionally, home settings may not be conducive to learning and are not a safe and stable place to sit in an online class session. Background noise is something I feel that I can’t fully control with regards to disadvantages. Since the transition, however, I feel okay with online learning but wish to have that experience of in-person class sessions, to be able to engage and interact with others because distance learning can feel…distant. Although, my professors have done excellent work in making distance learning enjoyable and a seamless transition to our “normal” for the time being.”

Sophomore, Liberal Arts Exploratory Health Services, Leeward Community College, Waipahu

“With our current situation, distance learning is the safest solution. Distance learning will lessen the spread of the virus as well as provide the students with an asynchronous way of learning. However, distance learning can be difficult for a few students because of their inability to connect online due to lack of supplies or simply just being unmotivated. Schools and teachers are finding ways to make distant learning a better experience for their students.”

Senior, Health Administration Billing & Coding, Hawaii Medical College, Waipahu

“With this pandemic going on, not to mention our technology-driven world, distant-learning is the better choice compared to conventional classroom learning. We can all agree that we have to do something to slow the spread of COVID-19. I can see that happening through taking online courses instead of devoting one’s time and energy going into classes physically—it will only create contact and possible transmission of the virus. Aside from that, it’s more convenient because the internet has been a huge part of our daily lives. We already know how to work our way around it. Course materials are accessible anytime and anywhere. Everything is in your hands. The only disadvantage is that you won’t get to experience the beauty of being in a classroom setting—forming bonds and having real interactions with your instructor and classmates! But health-wise, I believe it’s still better to take the distant-learning path as for the time being. And hopefully when all this end, we can go back to the classroom setting.”

Ninth grade, Lanakila Baptist High School, Waipahu

“Distance learning has its perks being safety and the comfort of learning in your own home.  Although there isn’t anything wrong with distance learning, I think most kids would like to go to school. Our society nowadays is very social with social media being a large factor. Staying at home can cause people especially kids to be more relaxed and unfocused, and if they feel they aren’t being watched by teachers this may cause problems. Regular classrooms however provide better access to resources, more attention from teachers and it’s also important for kids to get social interaction. Going to school and making friends are some of the best years of your life. I feel especially bad for seniors as they can’t even have their own graduation. Distance learning is taking some of the best years of your life, but I’d rather take this than to have a possibility of getting sick.”

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