Resolution Aims to Improve Honolulu’s Refuse Drop-Off System

Due to complaints from many Oahu residents, Resolution 20-292 urges the City administration to make the refuse drop-off facilities more efficient and provide residents with another refuse drop-off location in the urban center.

There are currently six refuse drop-off facilities on Oahu: Ewa, Laie, Wahiawa, Waianae, Waimanalo and Waipahu. These centers are open from 7 am to 6 pm daily which allows residents to drop off up to two loads of household waste per day.

Residents who use the City’s refuse system mentioned several problems such as the extended wait times, lengthy vehicle queues, unavailability of collection bins and traffic congestion.

City Councilmember Brandon Elefante introduced Resolution 20-292 in which listed several ways to address these problems with the current refuse system. It also hopes to establish another refuse drop-off facility to better serve residents in the urban area.

“We need to improve the entire refuse drop-off system and ensure these facilities run more efficiently because they play a critical role in our efforts to reduce illegal dumping,” said Councilmember Elefante.

Resolution 20-292 urges the City administration to consider the following improvements: develop a ticket or appointment-based system for refuse drop-off; provide real-time information regarding wait time and bin capacity; improve drop-off facility signage; develop more efficient procedures to change out collection bins and more.

“As a society, we can become more environmentally smart and sustainable by listening to those who are already doing the right thing – reducing, recycling and reusing waste,” he added.

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