Hawaii Filipino Lions Club To Celebrate Induction of Officers

Launched in June, Hawaii Filipino Lions Club will be celebrating its newly-elected officers in an Induction Ceremony on October 1 from 5:30 to 9pm at Nani Mau Garden and Restaurant at 421 Makalika Street in Hilo, Hawaii.

“I was motivated by the words of then- District Governor of Lions Club Hawaii Mitch Tam to start building the Filipino Lions Club,” said Grace Manipol-Larson, president of Hawaii Filipino Lions Club, in Hawaii’s Lions Club newsletter, Leo Liona.

“I sent messages to my friends on Facebook. I asked them if they are interested to be the founding leaders of a new Lions Club that embraces the Filipino culture. The replies were overwhelming.”

The Hawaii Filipino Lions Club goals are similar to the Lions Club International’s mission statement but with emphasis to celebrating and supporting the Filipino community in Hawaii. Manipol-Larson shares some of the Hawaii Filipino Lions Club goals below:

1. To build a Filipino Community Center in the Big Island of Hawaii

2. To provide scholarships to graduating high school students with academic excellence who are having financial difficulties to pursue their college degree

The Induction of Officers Ceremony will also feature a silent auction, dancing, and a souvenir book. A suggested donation for the dinner will be $55 per person.

The list of Hawaii Filipino Lions Club officers are as follows:

President: Grace Manipol- Larson
1st VP: Angie D. Santiago
2nd VP: Juliet Douglas
Secretary: Rosalind V. Queja
Asst. Secretary:  Michelle Tellio
Treasurer: Teresita F. Hernando 
Asst. Treasurer:  Espie Badua
Auditor: Erlinda Castle
Asst. Auditor: Gemma Moore
Lion Tamer: Danny Villamin
Tail Twister: Erlinda Bernardo
Guiding Lion: Melissa Chong
Board of Director (2 years): Chona Montesines-Sonido
Board of Director:  Evelyn Isabelo
Membership Chairperson: Perla V. Manahan
Honorary Member: Marissa Kerns
Associate Member: Sharlaine T. Gampon
Installation Officer: District Governor Gary Nip
Assisted by: IPDG Mitch Tam

For those interested in joining the Hawaii Filipino Lions Club or attending the Induction Ceremony on October 1, please reach out to President Grace Manipol-Larson by calling (808) 640-1540 or emailing raven_reuboni@yahoo.com.

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