Pinoy Singing Sensations Delight FilCom Center Audience

Pinoy Superstar mother and daughter duo, Katrina and Monica Lopez

by Carlota Ader

The Philippines’ hottest singing sensations were on full display during Joel Sebag’s Pinoy Superstars event held September 17, 2023 at the Filipino Community Center in Waipahu.

An audience of over 300 people was treated to a wide variety of special renditions sung by former America’s Got Talent contestant Marcelito Pomoy and other stars.

Proceeds from the concert will be used to support initiatives benefitting at-risk and needy individuals locally and in the Philippines.

The event was Pomoy’s second appearance in Hawaii. Pomoy catapulted to fame during America’s Got Talent where he finished fourth overall.

In particular, his song “The Prayer” shocked as well as captivated the judges and worldwide audience, particularly when he sang the melody in both tenor and soprano voices.

Pomoy’s story is all the more remarkable in light of his difficult upbringing. He was born in Cavite and came from a very poor family. He was adopted by a police officer after his dad was imprisoned, while his mom abandoned the family.

Another singer at the event was Sam Hashimoto, who was raised in Hawaii by Filipino parents but is part Japanese and Korean.

He moved to the Philippines, where he began as a fashion model in the Philippines and recently found success as a professional singer, particularly in the R&B and soul music genre.

Other performers included:

Katrina and Monica Lopez—a mother-daughter singing duet that has appeared on various tours around the world.

Peter Rosalita—a 12-year-old singer from Abu Dhabi who also appeared in America’s Got Talent where he sang “All By Myself.”

Maleeah Baltero—a 9-year-old singer from Hawaii. She is the daughter of Rachel and Frank Baltero of Waipahu.

Special guest singer Roland Abante was present at the event but did not perform. A fisherman from Cebu, he was a 2023 America’s Got Talent contestant.

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Little Miss Aloha Islands Maleeah Baltero
Singer Peter Rosalita
2023 America’s Got Talent Roland Bonot Abante
Hawaii-raised Sam Hashimoto is now one of the Philippines’ top entertainers
Marceltio Pomoy of 2011 Pilipinas Got Talent and 2020 America’s Got Talent: The Champion

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