Mothering During Corona

By Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

Smiling mother holding baby

May is the month we celebrate the lives of one of the most important people on earth—our mothers. They take on the role of carrying in their womb for nine months the next generation who will become the future leaders of nations. Mothers raise, nourish, nurture, teach and love children who cause their faces to laugh and cry, and their hearts to melt and break.

Every year on Mother’s Day, we honor them for who they are and what they do. This year, it’s exceptionally different. With the whole world in crisis and most of the world in isolation, mothers are to doubly be acknowledged and revered. They do not just deal with physical exhaustion, but mental and emotional fatigue also steals the life out of them. 

To the mothers who are on the frontlines, there are no words to express how awesome you all are.  You are sacrificing your time with your family, not being able to hug and kiss your children just so other families can still spend time and be able to hug their mothers, fathers and children. You are a true example of what it means to lay down one’s life for another. Saying thank you will never be enough but may you be rewarded for mothering, not just the children you call your own, but strangers who owe their lives to you.

To the working mothers who need to work from home, oh it must be so challenging.  Juggling time between your work and rearing children and add to that the household chores that need to be done, I hope you are still getting enough sleep to sustain you for each day. You do not only need to report to your employers, but you also have needy children who are counting on you. Indeed, you are all superwomen!

To the full-time housewives and mothers, you are the most beautiful women for your children. Giving your all to feed, discipline, teach, foster and care for the most challenging people to deal with—children, is worth honoring. To manage the house 24/7 is one, if not the most, difficult job in the world. Kudos to you, great mom!

To the mothers who are struggling with abuse in the hands of oppressive partners, I pray for rescue. I pray for freedom. I pray for an end to such cruelty. Please stay strong for your children. Hang in there! We have a God who is mighty to save.

To the mothers who are battling with COVID-19 or have loved ones fighting for their lives, we are standing with you for healing, for complete recovery… for a miracle. May you be given a chance to still hug your husband and witness your children grow and become the men and women God has destined them to be. Keep fighting!

To the mothers who lost loved ones—a husband or a child at this time, our hearts break with you; our souls grieve and mourn with you. The pain must be unbearable. All we can do is pray that you are granted comfort and peace as you lament, and have the strength and grace to face life ahead despite the uncertainty it brings.

To the mothers who succumbed to COVID-19, and I know there are many and some are even people I personally know, I am sorry. Thank you for the lives you have led. Your life may have been cut short by this merciless virus but your legacy lives on. You will forever be remembered by the people you love the most.

As mothers, your hands must be full and your minds are filled with anxiety and fear at this time of crisis. You worry about the welfare and safety of your children, and yet you have to be strong so your children will be able to cope well and understand the implications of the COVID-19 virus. I pray for grace to sustain you, strength to overcome this challenging season, faith to see the silver linings, hope for greater things ahead and for love to be lavished on you as you selflessly give off yourself to the people that depend on you. You may have to wait a little longer until we see breakthroughs, but know that you are not alone. Hang in there, momma!

To all the mothers in the world, as we all go through this challenging time, we honor you! May the works of your hands be blessed, and may your heart be filled with joy. Happy Mother’s Day, superheroes! You are greater than Corona!

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