Hawaii Women Leaders Announces Monthly Webinars

The Hawaii Women Leaders Organization (HWL) had a yearly kickoff meeting last February 18 featuring top women leaders from different professional fields such as Dionicia Lagapa of Kaiser Foundation Hospital and Nadia Assaf of Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.

The HWL is a by-membership organization that includes a yearly kickoff, monthly web meetings and access to key articles, book summaries and mentoring resources.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the kickoff and meetings are done online to prevent the spread of the virus. However, all meetings will be recorded for the members’ convenience.

The next monthly web meeting will be on March 8 featuring top women leaders from Southwest Airlines, Vanderbilt, Microsoft and many more.

The other dates include April 12, May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9, September 16, October 11, November 15 and December 6. All dates are subject to change.

The HWL membership lasts for a full year and costs $199. To register, please visit hiwomenleaders.org.

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