Ceasefire Now in Palestine, the World Must Understand Context in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Context is everything in ethical journalism. Context is particularly paramount when reporting on war where lives are being taken. Context nullifies one-sided bias. Without context, what we have is sensationalism, untruth and propaganda.

That said, the world is right to condemn the horrific violence perpetuated by Hamas on innocent Israelis. We join the world in speaking out against the killings of Israelis.

At the same time, this cannot be the start of discussion when reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because it fails to consider context. Unlike what is being portrayed by many mainstream American media, the genesis of violence between the two parties did not begin with Hamas’ terrorism in October 2023.

We must consider United Nations reports, international reports by reputable independent human rights groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, Palestinian, Israeli and international NGOs, independent news sources from renowned investigative journalists that all have documented and outlined the conditions in Palestine that Israel has been responsible for in the past several decades.

For context, what are these conditions? In a comprehensive report by Amnesty InternationalIsrael’s Apartheid against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime against Humanity, it has concluded Israel has done the following to the Palestinian people: “massive seizures of Palestinian land and property, unlawful killings, forcible transfer, drastic movement restrictions, and the denial of nationality and citizenship to Palestinians are all components of a system which amounts to apartheid under international law. This system is maintained by violations which Amnesty International found to constitute apartheid as a crime against humanity, as defined in the Rome Statute and Apartheid Convention.”

The report continues, “Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has pursued a policy of establishing and then maintaining a Jewish demographic majority and maximizing control over land and resources to benefit Jewish Israelis. In 1967, Israel extended this policy to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Today, all territories controlled by Israel continue to be administered with the purpose of benefiting Jewish Israelis to the detriment of Palestinians, while Palestinian refugees continue to be excluded.

“Amnesty International demonstrates that Israeli authorities treat Palestinians as an inferior racial group who are defined by their non-Jewish, Arab status. This racial discrimination is cemented in laws which affect Palestinians across Israel and the OPT.

“For example, Palestinian citizens of Israel are denied a nationality, establishing a legal differentiation from Jewish Israelis. In the West Bank and Gaza, where Israel has controlled the population registry since 1967, Palestinians have no citizenship and most are considered stateless, requiring ID cards from the Israeli military to live and work in the territories.

“Palestinian refugees and their descendants, who were displaced in the 1947-49 and 1967 conflicts, continue to be denied the right to return to their former places of residence. Israel’s exclusion of refugees is a flagrant violation of international law which has left millions in a perpetual limbo of forced displacement.”

Other reports by investigative journalists and independent organizations have found other horrific conditions. Palestinians have had to endure almost 50% unemployment, 50% living under poverty levels. They have a shortage of drinking water compared to Israelis. Much of the water is reported as toxic. Palestinians are not allowed to build their own water systems. Essentially, Israelis are leaving Palestinians thirsty. Electricity is sparse in Palestine. Palestinians are not allowed to travel out of the country without Israeli approval. Escaping Palestine to become a refugee is impossible as the beaches are monitored by Israelis and boats are shot at by large Israeli vessels.

There is hyper surveillance of Palestinians where cameras are aimed into Palestinians’ homes. There are automatic rifles mounted all over Palestine and have been documented to be used on Palestinian civilians.  Palestinians’ homes are regularly confiscated to be given to Israeli settlers which is illegal under international law.  Palestinians are harassed and imprisoned for demanding rights. They do not have the right to assemble in protest. They have separate laws that apply to Palestinians. An Israeli settler who just arrived have more rights than Palestinians who have been living in the occupied territory all their lives. The unfair legal system has resulted in about 40% of all Palestinian men in Israeli prisons. Israeli soldiers can confiscate a house, physically assault, and even kill Palestinians without consequence.

Terror on both sides
Based on the report above, which mirrors copious other verified reports from independent sources, it is more than reasonable to say that terror has been committed onto the Palestinian people.

Mind you, for context, all of these reports have been released before Hamas’ despicable surprise terror in October 2023.

Ceasefire NOW
 At this moment in war engagement, Israel is breaking international laws as set by the Geneva convention. The blockade denying Palestinians water, electricity, and international aid — medical and food — is illegal. The bombing of civilians is illegal. The forced mass movement from northern to southern Palestine is illegal.

There are ways as recommended by the United Nations and other international organizations to broker long-lasting peace, namely a two-state solution. But that is for another write-up.

What must happen now and be demanded is an immediate ceasefire and the opening of channels for humanitarian aid! Time is running out and genocide is at hand. No food, no water and continuous bombing in Palestine. This is hardly a war. It’s genocide.

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