Hawaiian Electric Reminds Customers to Be Vigilant of Scammers

An incident concerning real estate agents and a client has been the recent target of scammers using Hawaiian Electric’s credentials.

According to Hawaiian Electric’s press release, a scammer gave real estate agents a fake Hawaii Electric phone number to provide to their client.

When one client called the number, the scammers told them to pay more than $800 or else their electricity will be disconnected.

Furthermore, the customer spoke to an “agent” and “accountant.” The customer also received an email with a Hawaiian Electric logo and QR code to make the payment.

The customer insisted to pay online at Hawaiian Electric’s website, but the scammer asked for a wire transfer. That’s when the customer knew it was a red flag and decided to contact Hawaii Electric.

With the recent scam attempts, Hawaii Electric would like to remind its customers to be vigilant.

“While the company does send emails with payment reminders or company news, it will never ask for credit card numbers or personal information,” the company said. “Hawaii Electric does not request wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or Bitcoin to pay bills.”

For those who received similar emails or suspect a scam, file a fraud report online at hawaiianelectric.com/stopscams.

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