Fil-Am Actor Wins 2022 Chicago BroadwayWorld Awards

Filipino American actor Van Ferro won the 2022 Chicago BroadwayWorld Award for Best Supporting Performer in a Play for his critically-acclaimed performance as John N. Fail in Chicago-based Oil Lamp Theater’s “Failure: A Love Story.”

“I really appreciate everyone who cast a vote and everyone who asked their friends and family to vote for me,” says Ferro. “I hope that this encourages more people of color to participate in Chicago theatre, especially Filipinos.”

The play follows the three Fail sisters as they explore love, death and the transient nature of life. Rick McCain of Let’s Play Theatrical Reviews wrote that “Van Ferro is comical as the short-wit John N.”

Ferro is considered one of the busiest actors in Chicago theatre for appearing in multiple productions such as “Murder in the Court of Xanadu,” “The Octopus,” “Same Time, Next Year,” “The Christians,” and “In Memoriam.”

Moreover, Ferro has also been cast in multiple commercials for brands such as Sam’s Club, Kohls and Calypso Lemonade.

As a proud Filipino, Ferro has accepted membership in the Artist’s Board of the Chicago Artists’ Guide to help diversify theater hiring and casting in Chicago’s theater scene.

“I am honored to serve with talented and driven theater professionals to help in opening the door wider for BIPOC people in Chicago theater,” he said.

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