Tatay, Happy Father’s Day!

by HFC Staff

Tatay. Itay. Tatang. Ama. Papa. Father.

Every second Sunday of June, we celebrate and honor our Dads during Father’s Day. We honor their fatherhood and our paternal bonds with them.

There are times that we may forget the Dads we grew up with but this Sunday, let’s all reflect on the values and love they provide and support us with.

There are different ways to call Father and Dad in Filipino languages. For this article, let’s explore the meaning behind the Tagalog word, TATAY, that perfectly encapsulates what it means to be a father.

Trustworthy. There’s a Filipino saying that goes, “Tatay ang haligi ng tahanan.” (The father is the column of the house.) This means that our Dad is the main support that uplifts our family. As our support column, our Tatay is a very trustworthy person that we can rely on with everything that is happening in our family.

Attentive. Filipino dads are known for being quiet but don’t be fooled. They are always attentive and ready to provide us with whatever we need. If they notice that we like apples, they will buy us all of the apples in the world. Do we need someone to drop us off to work? From now on, they will be the one to always drop and pick us up from work. Tatay is always ready to support us no matter what.

Truthful. In need of advice? Our Dad is here to give us truthful and supportive advice to guide us through life. They might not tell us, but they’ve been through a lot and want to make sure we don’t go through the same hardships and challenges that they went through. With their truthful words filled with love and guidance, exploring life and adulthood will be fully supported.

Amazing. Do we need to say more? Our Tatay is amazing! We wouldn’t be living our best lives without him. Aside from Father’s Day, let’s celebrate how amazing Tatay is every single day.

Youthful. Is he really a Dad if he doesn’t crack Dad jokes every now and then? What makes our Tatay charming is his youthful glow filled with jokes, playfulness, and wittiness. His youthfulness keeps us grounded every day.

This Father’s Day, we hope that you celebrate the bond that you have with your Tatay. Cherish every moment with them and don’t forget to tell him that you love him. Tatay, Happy Father’s Day!

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