Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

by Carlota Hufana-Ader

Every third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated annually around the world including United States and the Philippines. This year, the celebration falls on June 18th. To celebrate the Dad, Tatay, and Tatang around the world, we asked Hawaii Filipino Chronicle readers why they celebrate Father’s Day.

We celebrate Father’s Day to give appreciation to our father for all he has done to us like giving us a good education that molded us into who we are today. This is the day to give our father a special treat like taking him out for lunch or dinner. The greatest gift he gave me was every Christmas, he would give me money to shop for my family. He does this every year. He really is so generous to me.
–Percy Early, Hotel Worker, Honolulu

I celebrate Father’s Day by giving him a beautiful lei of my creation because he is special. We go out to lunch at his favorite restaurant with my mom. The most memorable gift he gave me was escorting me to my wedding as way of releasing his responsibility to my husband. He knew then that my husband is the right man for me. He also gave me money as a good luck gift as I begin my new family life with my husband.
–Maria Aroma Estrada, Event Planner, Waipahu

We honor fathers on Father’s Day to recognize that they are the family builder and supporter. The greatest gifts my father gave me were priceless. He pampered me when I was in college. Through his love and kindness, he helped me earn my bachelor’s in business administration from the University of the East in the Philippines.
–Priscilla Galanto, Insurance Agent, Mililani

One of the greatest gifts I received from my father is to value our family with love, respect and care. We celebrate Father’s Day to honor them and let them know we are forever grateful for all their love and support for the family. All the wonderful memories will be forever cherished. One of the greatest gifts I received from my father was spending quality time with me.
–Pat Gonzales, Retired Military, Ewa Beach

First of all, we celebrate Father’s Day to thank God that He is standing by our side all the time. We give our fathers the great honor and recognition for everything they did from day one when were born. It is the day we can say our big thank you and express gratitude for giving us a strong family foundation. The greatest gift I received from my father was his patience to pick me up from church every day. The discipline he provided me with made me the way I am today.
–Salvador Maza, Retired Military, Kapolei

We celebrate Father’s Day to give honor and respect to our father for supporting us and sending us to a good school to fulfill our goals and ambitions. This day is special for fathers, so we give them that respect. The greatest gift my father gave me was when I was 10 years old, he surprised me with a complete cowboy outfit: a suit with silvery stones, hat, boots, and a toy gun pistol. We went outside to try shooting cans that day.
–Arnold Jay-Ar Saalacup, Student, Waipahu

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