Tyau Wins 2023 Mrs. Hawaii-America Pageant

by Carlota Ader

Kailua resident Jaymie Nicole Anderson Tyau has been crowned Mrs. Hawaii-America for 2023. The pageant was held June 30 at the Blaisdell Center.

The 1st Runner-Up in this year’s Mrs. Philippines World Pageant, Tyau runs her own property investing and management company and is working towards a degree in nutritional science.

In her spare time, she enjoys surfing, hula, piano and singing. Her community service work includes projects with Children’s Theatre Oahu, Kokua Foundation, Grateful Heart Foundatioin and 808 Clean Up.

She and her husband Joshua have been married for the past 15 years and are parents to 14-year-old Nolan.

Tyau took time from her busy schedule for a brief but exclusive interview with the Chronicle. Her responses have been edited for space and clarity.

Hawaii Filipino Chronicle: How does it feel to win such a prestigious pageant?

Tyau: It feels amazing, yet surreal at the same time. I think it’s going to take some time before it finally sinks in. It just feels awesome anytime you finally accomplish a goal that is so big that it scares you.

HFC: What do you think set you apart from the other contestants?T:
The other contestants are so very wonderful. We really bonded and created this special sisterhood together where we supported and encouraged each other to do our very best. If I had to say something that set me apart, it probably started at the interview portion where I just opened up with the judges and wanted to make a connection with them. As humans, we all want that, and I feel like I’m pretty good at it in my day-to-day life.

HFC: Is it advantageous for contestants to have previous pageant experience?

Definitely! I went into the 2023 Mrs. Hawaii pageant having learned so much from my first pageant last year. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was to choose the people you work with wisely. Trust your inner voice or gut feeling. Interview a director before you commit to their pageant. If you don’t vibe with them, I’d say it’s not worth it. It’s also important to choose a hair and make-up artist who knows pageant make-up and has a great energy because you end up spending a lot of time with them. 

HFC: Are there any people you would like to thank?

There are so many people to thank. First is my mama, Emmie Collado Ortega Anderson. In 2020, she asked if I would consider doing a pageant and I must have been in a good mood because I said yes. My mom is my biggest cheerleader in everything I do, so I’m grateful for her.I would also like to thank my friend and life coach, Uakea Egami (@highheartacademy) who has such a gift for empowering and uplifting women. If you want to read more about the people I am grateful for, please see my post on Facebook or Instagram (@jaymiedahlia). 

HFC: What are your thoughts for the upcoming Mrs. America pageant? How will you prepare yourself for it?

I’m really excited for nationals happening in August in Las Vegas. It’s definitely coming up quick. Right now, I’m working with my team to figure out things like hair and makeup, wardrobe, state costume, and so forth. I’m also making sure to take care of myself by getting enough rest, grounding, journaling, positive self-talk (I literally talk to myself in the car almost every day), eating well, working out at KOMO studio 5 days a week. And of course, I’m walking in my pageant heels whenever I can.

HFC: What will it take to return home with the crown?

I think it starts with mindset. Belief in oneself is such a powerful life force. Along with that, just having great self-love and respect. When you love and believe in yourself, magic happens. 

HFC: At this stage in your career how many more pageants will you enter?

I currently have no plans to enter any more pageants. I wanted to have one good pageant experience and I got it with Mrs. Hawaii. 

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