What’s Your Favorite Travel Destination?

My favorite place to travel this summer was Vancouver B.C., Canada. It was my first international trip which my friends and I had planned for almost a year prior, packed with fun-filled adventures in the city and the outdoors! Canada offers an abundance of eateries that are considered scarce in the United States, like buffalo, poutine, and so much more, perfect for amateur foodies, like myself. After exploring tourist destinations like Gastown and Stanley Park, we made sure to carve out time to get out of the cityscape and take in the views of the coast, rivers, and valleys, starting with an adrenaline-inducing white-water rafting adventure. Overall, this trip easily made it to my top 3 travel destinations that I’ve been to, as of yet! Though I still have a lot more to see in this world, I can confidently say that my trip to Canada in the summer of 2023 was one for the books.
Katelyn Usam

Disney World makes me feel like a young person, that for a moment in time, I have no problems, no worries and no obligations!
– Geri Galanto

My favorite travel destination is Palawan, Philippines. This is where the underwater cave is located and lots of tourists go there during summer. It’s fun to just go around and, you’ll have a chance to visit the beaches of El Nido.
– Norvelyn Gregorio

I have four children, all girls and they always dreamed of going to Disneyland. They can enjoy all the rides and the sceneries like Treasure Island. They enjoy just watching lots of kids around with their parents. It’s a good bonding quality time with my children.
– Jay Velasco

This summer marked an unforgettable chapter in my life as I embarked on a journey to Spain, where I traversed the enchanting cities of Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia and Madrid. Venturing to Europe for the first time, I was brimming with anticipation for the plethora of extraordinary experiences awaiting me, ones I could never encounter back home in the States. Throughout my stay, I forged incredible friendships, indulged in delectable new dishes, and revealed in the vibrant tapestry of the nightlife. Embracing the thrill of novelty and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone in a foreign land was nothing short of mesmerizing, igniting a passionate desire within me to explore the world internationally once more!
– Chance Guillermo

My favorite travel destination is Southern California. We have friends and relatives there and we spent three days of park hopping at the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.
– John Anderson

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