14-Day Quarantine for Inter-island Travel Lifted, June 16

Gov. David Ige announced the state lifted the 14-day quarantine requirement for inter-island travelers, starting June 16.

The Dept. of Health (DOH) is directing travelers to a new website, where you can download the mandatory interisland travel and health form. All of the details about new procedures related to interisland travel can be found at: https:// health.hawaii.gov/travel/.

Governor Ige said, “I know family and friends across the state are looking forward to getting together when the interisland travel quarantine is lifted on Tuesday. Flying between islands will be a different experience. We ask for your patience as the new procedures are implemented. Do your part to make interisland travel safe – practice physical distancing and wear your face covering.” Governor Ige also strongly encourages people to fill in the form before they get to the airport.

Travelers may be prohibited from boarding a flight if they have an elevated temperature above 100.4 degrees, refuse to complete the mandatory form, or are actively on the 14-day quarantine list preventing them from flying.

The Department of Transportation will require thermal screening at the airport for everyone traveling inter-island. Additionally, all travelers will be required to fill out a new form asking for health-related information to assist the state in tracking and responding to new COVID-19 cases. 

Health officials expect the number of new COVID-19 cases to rise once travel is re-opened. To address the rise, the State Department of Health has begun the process of training 500 new contact tracers, exceeding the recommended standards set by the Centers for Disease Control, and is exploring other screening and testing procedures.

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