The 2020 Census’ New Deadline is September 30

The deadline to submit your 2020 Census form is on September 30, 2020.

As part of the Census Bureau’s revised plan, field data collection and self-responses deadlines are no longer on October 30. “Under this plan, the Census Bureau intends to meet a similar level of household responses as collected in prior censuses, including outreach to hard-to-count communities,” said in the press release.

As the Sept 30 deadline approaches, the Census Bureau encourages everyone to complete the form now online, by phone or by mail. Filling out the census questionnaire will only take 10 minutes and even less if done online on

Citizen or not, everyone counts in the 2020 Census. It’s important to make sure that everyone in your household is counted because the census will help the community for the next 10 years. The census results guide the government in allocating funds, support and programs to different communities in the U.S.

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