Improve Your Business by Outsourcing With This Webinar Series

By Jim Bea Sampaga

In the “Global Business Processes” Webinar powered by the Philippines Webinar Series, Philippine-based Business Processing Outsourcing companies will share their expertise and knowledge in outsourcing non-core business functions so you “can focus more on your business’ core competencies.”

The Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu (PCGH) encourages people to register early because spots are only limited to 100 people per webinar. But don’t worry, these webinars can be viewed live on PCGH’s Facebook page. Although the first three webinars of the series already aired in August and the first week of September, you can still tune in for the other four webinars down below:

Setting-up your call center overseas: Ensuring 24/7 support to serve your clients’ needs. Register via

Delivering Client-Focused Healthcare: Outsourcing non-care processes in order for healthcare professionals to focus on providing care. Register via

Creating Technologies That Deliver Value: Leveraging on Philippines’ talents to build games, apps and software solutions. Register via

Managing Backroom Operations:
Outsourcing accounting and financial functions to enable your company to focus on your core competencies. Register via

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