Delta Rising

by Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

Vaccinations are being rolled out throughout the world. Millions have already been inoculated. Some countries are starting to open their borders. While some have already eased restrictions. A few countries have allowed their people to discontinue wearing masks.

Things are slowly getting better… or so we thought.A mutation of the coronavirus called the Delta variant, also known as B.1.617.2, surfaced, wreaking havoc on nations still struggling to recover. It started in India and spreading rapidly throughout the world, once again. It’s more contagious – growing quickly and exponentially.

Indonesia is now experiencing 50,000 cases per day, making it the new epicenter of the pandemic. Here in South Korea, from a few hundred cases per day, the statistics spiked to almost 2000 people affected per day. And it shows no sign of stopping.A few months ago, the cases have dropped so our family started to go to parks and attend church services in Seoul. We started to dine in restaurants and go on family trips. Then Delta entered Korea.

Now, my husband has been forced to work from home. We refrained from going to Seoul where most of the cases in this nation are. We decided to limit eating in restaurants and stayed home most of the time.

The Koreans are again on high alert, especially that many of the people in the country are not yet vaccinated. Many foreigners like us are still waiting for our turn.

Aside from dealing with the pandemic, we still have to cope with the recurring problems of our nations.

In the Philippines, for example, we have natural calamities like storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that we face each year. I can only imagine the anxiety that the Filipino people are experiencing. The fear for their lives and their loved ones is such a heavy burden to carry.

As we brace ourselves once again for another wave of cases rising, let’s protect and rescue each other by continuing to observe the safety regulations set by our governments. I know that to receive vaccination is our own decision, but I hope that we consider its benefits. Let’s continue wearing masks, observe social distancing, and stay home as much as possible.

This pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us. There are moments of small victories, there are moments of frustrations and disappointments. Truly, the future is still bleak, but we can still look forward with hope.

In these difficult times, when things seem to be getting worse instead of better, there is only one thing I am holding on to – God’s faithfulness.

He is still the God who reigns over all. He is still more powerful than any virus or any mutation that will surface. He is greater than any disaster, tragedy and defeat that we will face in life.

Our pastor in our Philippine local church encouraged us with these words:

“In the midst of life’s challenges, God’s faithfulness still prevails. We just need to hold on and not let go. We just need to declare and not doubt. We need to stay in faith and not be overwhelmed with fear. We need to trust God and not turn away.”

And as I heard these words, my heart was encouraged, my hope renewed, and my faith strengthened.

More than a year into the pandemic, and with no idea of when it will end, let’s face each day with faith and hope. Let’s prove to the Delta variant that we are stronger, and we are better.

I have written so many articles about this pandemic and I will not get tired of saying that we will get through this because we have a God who is greater. He will carry us through.

And things will get better, again.

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