FilAm Professor Offers First-of-its-Kind Asian American Course To The Public

Dr. Robyn Magalit Rodriguez, activist and professor at the University of California, Davis, is providing an online course that explores the history of Asian Americans in the United States.

The university-level course will be based on Dr. Rodriguez’s recently released second edition of her book, “Asian America” which is co-authored with Dr. Pawan Dhingra.

The official press release states the course is “designed for those working in K-12 education who are interested in gaining better insight into their Asian American student’s lives in all of their complexity.”

Many factors contribute to the Asian American experiences but the courses will explore five main areas: American history of immigration and settlement, Asian American identities, Asian American families and intimate relationships, Asian Americans’ educational and economic achievement and Interethnic/interracial relations including the long history of anti-Asian hate.

Moreover, these main areas will also highlight how the structures of inequality (racism, sexism, classism, and heterosexism) impact different Asian ethnic communities.

“I have always thought it was a shame that Asian American Studies is only offered at a select number of colleges and universities around the United States,” says Dr. Rodriguez, whose parents immigrated from the Philippines.

“I know communities of color around the country have been clamoring for knowledge for and about us, but we also face great obstacles to support Ethnic Studies or Critical Race Theory. With the launch of this course, I’m excited to make Asian American Studies (which draws from and builds upon Ethnic Studies and Critical Race Theory) accessible to anyone passionate about learning the topic.”

Dr. Rodriguez’s university-level course is available to anyone in the public who wishes to learn more about Asian American history.

The course will be delivered online with two options to choose from: the self-paced/asynchronous learning and the hybrid option wherein students can virtually meet fellow students and Dr. Rodriguez.

The course ranges from $159 to $259 depending on the asynchronous or hybrid option. To avail Dr. Rodriguez’s Asian America course, visit

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