Spooky and Safe Halloween

As we creep toward Halloween, eye safety should not be a fright. Here are some tips to stay safe this spooky season.

Decorative contact lenses
Over-the-counter colored contacts may help you achieve the look for your costume, but what is more frightening are the consequences. Non-prescription contact lenses are not FDA-approved and illegal to sell, but they can also result in temporary or permanent eye damage.

Some ramifications may include corneal abrasions or scratches, eye infections, sores and scars, and blindness. Always purchase colored contacts from medical professionals that require a prescription or ask your local ophthalmologist.

Costume selection
When planning your costume, stay away from clothing or props with sharp edges that could easily pierce an eye. If you wear prescription lenses, find a way to incorporate it into your costume! You would be surprised how many of your favorite movie or TV series characters are fellow glasses wearers.

Ditch eye coverings as it could impede your vision and limit your range of sight. If you are trick-or-treating at night, incorporate brighter colors or LED strips on your costume or footwear allowing you to be more conspicuous to drivers.

Eye makeup
Although you can share Halloween candy amongst friends, your makeup should not be! Avoid glittery or flaky makeup around your eyelids. Be sure to test your lash glue for allergies and double-check the label for any harmful chemicals.  Always remove makeup before heading to bed after a long night of trick-or-treating.

COVID-safe halloween activities and events
Like last year, we are still incorporating safe practices into our social gatherings. Luckily, businesses have been creative with producing events to celebrate Halloween. We have included some COVID-19 friendly upcoming events that you can attend in October.

– Trick & Treats Fall Event at Ka Makana Ali’i – October 30, 2021
– 2021 Fall Harvest Festival at Waimanalo Country Farms – Every Tuesday to Sunday, October 2 until November 21, 2021
– Pearlridge Center Halloween Candy Crawl: Trunk-or-Treat – October 29, 2021

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