Common Sense Gun Reform Now, We Demand it! Call The US Senate Hotline

This is the time that we as Americans can no longer wait, ignore or hope that the gun violence in this country will just go away.

It’s time to demand that Congress pass: 1) H.R.8 to close loopholes and expand background checks; and finally 2) to ban assault weapons that are used in mass murders. Both expanding background checks and banning or limiting assault weapons are supported by a vast majority of Americans (about 90%); yet only one-quarter of those who support zero gun laws have been having their way to shut down gun control reform.

It’s also time for passing common sense gun laws that include: 3) establishing a national universal gun law to stop interstate trafficking of guns; 4) adopting red flag laws; and 5) raising the minimum age of purchasing a gun from 18 to 21.

Three mass murders within two weeks
Because of numerous failed attempts to get any of the above proposals passed and successful efforts by the radical NRA gun lobby here we are again. In the past two weeks a spate of mass murders occurred first in Buffalo New York where a white supremacist gunman targeted black people killing 10 and injuring 3 in a supermarket; then another hate driven mass shooting at a Taiwanese Church in California that left 1 dead and 5 wounded in Laguna Woods, California.

And third, a gunman who just turned 18 days ago, acquired two automatic rifles, went on a shooting spree in a small town, Uvalde, TX at an elementary school, killing 19 children and two teachers. This was the second largest school shooting since Sandy Hook.

These communities and the nation are grieving and overcome with feelings of hopelessness. And the families of loved ones who were going about their daily lives and killed by deranged, hateful gunmen (complete strangers) must mourn their loss and will forever be changed by these senseless tragedies.

Arguing the facts
Gun defenders deflection #1: We need more gun access for people to defend themselves. We need teachers to be able to carry guns.

Ample research have already been conducted concluding that more guns do not make for a safer environment. In fact studies show the opposite, more guns per capita, increases the likelihood for gun violence. The U.S. has a whopping 400 million firearms accounting for 40% in the world.

Gun defenders deflection #2: the Second Amendment guarantees the right to own guns.

FACT: the Second Amendment was written at a time before the country didn’t even have a national army. It was written for citizens to protect themselves at a time when there was little to no military or law enforcement. Clearly the environment have changed.

On top of that, the Supreme Court already ruled that while citizens are allowed that right to possess firearms, the Constitution doesn’t say that firearms could not be regulated. That means federal and state governments have every right to regulate what kinds of firearms (ban military style assault weapons) and who can be restricted from owning firearms (felons, etc.).

Gun defenders deflection #3: We have a mental illness problem. This is the reason for mass shootings.

FACT: Studies show mental illness does not predict a propensity for gun violence. A study on mental illness shows that in countries that have higher rates of mental illness than the US (where there is about 16% of the population that suffer from mental illness and substance abuse), these countries do not have nearly the number of gun violence (2.5 and lower per 100,000) as in the US (11.9 gun deaths per 100,000 individuals).

Gun prevalence
It’s time to stop the deflecting of the facts with regard to gun violence, which already accounts for far more deaths than car accidents. Specifically stats on children and gun deaths is startling. In 2017, guns overtook 60 years of cars as the biggest injury-based killer of children and young adults (ages one to 24) in the US. By 2020, about 8 in every 100,000 people died in car crashes. About 10 in every 100,000 people died in gun injuries.

This last statistic is perhaps most stark: more children die by gunfire in a year than on-duty police officers and active military members.

Common sense
What most Americans want is common sense legislation like perhaps what we have in other industries that could have potentially deadly results. Auto manufacturers are regulated to ensure cars are safe. And we don’t see manufacturers lobbying Congress to cut safety corners.

Take 9/11. After the deadly terrorist attack, how people in the US and world travel has dramatically changed with added regulations. And most people are perfectly fine with such safety precautions.

Even bar and business establishments serving liquor could be held responsible for serving too much alcohol to their patrons.  Why is the gun industry afforded so much protection and allowed to wreck- havoc on communities all across the nation?

We’re not calling for a complete ban on gun ownership. There needs to be common sense laws. Since 2008, there have been 500 school shootings; this year alone, already 213 school shootings. It’s far more common than Americans think. We cannot continue down this road, a grim future, a future that says we as a society devalue life. It’s time we demand action.

Call the US Senate hotline 202-224-3121. Demand gun reform!

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