Overcoming The Economic Crisis

by Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

“Oh my!”These are the words we can’t help but exclaim every time we see the price of fuel in every gasoline station we pass by. We bought a diesel car a few years ago thinking that we would be able to save because diesel is cheaper than gasoline. We didn’t realize that in a few years, things would change. The price of diesel increased dramatically, it’s shocking, we have to adjust our budget and have a change of lifestyle.

The prices of basic necessities are rising, fares are increasing, and fuel is getting more expensive by the day, but my husband’s salary stays the same. And I believe this is true not just for our family. People from around the world are experiencing the repercussions of the economic crisis the whole earth is facing.

In the Philippines, jeepney drivers and their families are struggling to make ends meet because of the oil price hike. This in turn affects commute in the country. My Sri Lankan friend said that people are already having a hard time going from one place to another because fuel is running out and many don’t have the money to buy gas. Inflation is real and it is felt by the whole world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every family badly affected by this crisis.

The world may be feeling the effects of the pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war, but we must brace ourselves and try our best to survive and eventually flourish. It can be discouraging and heartbreaking, but we have to continue fighting to live, we have to keep hoping for the best. My encouragement is this, the Lord provides.My husband and I have seen how God has never failed to provide for our needs, especially at the times our bank accounts suggest otherwise. Never have we felt forsaken even our circumstances dictate the opposite. If He gives food to the sparrows without them having to toil, how much more does He care about His children. His economy is different from our economy. His riches are abounding. His generosity overflowing. His mercies new every morning.

While everything around us is shaking and it seems like things are sinking, we are not shaken because we stand on a firm foundation. Our security and hope are not on the state of the world’s economy but on the One who spoke the world into motion. Our trust is not on something that’s uncertain but on the One who is faithful and unfailing, powerful, and true.

Gas prices may rise but His grace is greater. Wars may continue but His peace reigns higher. Crises may come, one after another, but His sovereignty says He is still in control. We will recover from this, just as we always do. One day at a time.

This economic crisis will come to pass, I know it will, just like the pandemic which we thought will last for a long time. It is not yet over but we are starting to recover. We are facing yet again another hurdle, but we will overcome, by His grace.May we also take this as an opportunity to be a conduit of blessing to those who are in need. We are all affected by this crisis, but we all have something to give, in one way or another. This is the time to look out for our neighbors who are struggling financially or emotionally.

We might have to tighten our belts, but may we loosen our grip on our resources and let them flow to those who need them.

Our mouths may exclaim, ‘Oh, my!’ every time we see the fuel price hiking, but our hearts say, ‘All is well. It will be alright!’

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