Ukraine Bounces Back! Will Russia Cave In?

by Elpidio Estioko

The Russia-Ukraine war is entering its seventh month of hostilities and is contrary to the initial claim of Russia to end it in a month.

Ukraine even showed new vigor and enthusiasm by pushing Russian troops backward and regaining some cities controlled by the Russians.

So, is the war coming to an end? As I See It, I don’t think so!

Even with the renewed vigor being displayed by Ukraine forces pushing the Russian soldiers backward, Russia is not conceding, and I think they are trying to regroup and buying time to strike back… again!

Besides, a superpower like Russia won’t easily give up to a small fry like Ukraine, although technically it’s already Russia vs the rest of the world… indirectly.

Ukraine soldiers have shown better war strategies, a stronger will to fight, displaying a unified stand, and renewed courage to sustain and ultimately end the war which Russia refuses to accept.

Recently, Ukraine soldiers recaptured Izium and bombarded occupied Kherzon, damaging administration buildings sympathetic to Russia. They found a mass-burial site with 440 bodies and are searching for more.

The dead were killed by shillings and airstrikes, according to authorities, but the Ukrainians are not discounting the possibility that torture must have killed some of them because there were signs of torture in Bucha and other previously occupied territories, according to chief police investigator for Kharkiv province Serhiy Bolvinov.

Ukraine has reasons to believe torture was inflected to some when President Volodymyr Zelenskyy likened the discovery of dead bodies in Izium to what happened in Bucha in his recent video address:

“Russia is leaving death behind it everywhere and must be held responsible. The necessary procedures have already begun there. More information – clear, verifiable information – should be available tomorrow.”

Many world leaders are eager to end the war and for Russia to face the international court. The European Union chief, Ursula von der Leyen, said she wanted Putin to face the international criminal courtover war crimes in Ukraine.

“That Putin must lose this war and must face up to his actions, that is important to me,” she told the TV channel of the German news outlet Bild. Indeed, this is a tall order for the lady European Union chief.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general said Ukraine’s counterattack against Russian troops had been very effective but warned nations should prepare for the long haul as this did not signal the beginning of the end of the war. He said:

“We need to understand that this is not the beginning of the end of the war, we need to be prepared for the long haul.” Indeed, it’s not ending as we used to predict.

The Vatican seems to be sympathetic to Ukraine too! Pope Francis said it was morally legitimate for countries to provide weapons to Ukraineto help it defend itself from Russian aggression.

“This is a political decision which it can be moral, morally acceptable if it is done under conditions of morality … Self-defense is not only licit but also an expression of love for the homeland,” he said. “Someone who does not defend oneself, who does not defend something, does not love it. Those who defend [something] love it.”

Germany will continue to supply Ukraine with additional armored vehicles and rocket launch systems but will not provide the battle tanks that Kyiv has long asked for, says the German defense minister, Christine Lambrecht. She said that Soviet-made BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles would also “very quickly” head to Ukraine from Greece. Other nations are continuing their support for Ukraine too!

According to Reuters, the United Nations nuclear watchdog’s board of governors passed a resolution demanding Russia end its occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. This was the second resolution on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine passed by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s board.

For his part, US president Joe Biden announced a new $600 million arms package for Ukraine, according to a recent White House memo sent to the State Department. Reuters reported the memo does not detail how the money will be used, but sources said it was expected to include munitions and more Himars rocket systems.

As to the latest on the war, The Guardian continues to report the latest in the field.

“It’s our job,” the newspaper Guardian said, “to decipher a rapidly changing landscape, and report the facts in sober fashion, without getting carried away. Our correspondents are on the ground in Ukraine and throughout the globe delivering round-the-clock reporting and analysis during this fluid situation.”

They were there during the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the first Russo-Ukrainian conflict in 2014.

“We have an illustrious, 200-year history of reporting throughout Europe in times of upheaval, peace and everything in between. Now, they are in the Ukraine- Russia war displaying fearless journalism policy that made them trustworthy to millions of people since they started publishing 200 years ago,” the paper added.

NATO continues to support Ukraine, so with the European community, and the United States, among others. They all believe that the war is unprovoked, unnecessary, dividing the international community, not called for, and should be ended soon!

For as long as Russia continues to believe that as a superpower, it will not bow to a smaller country such as Ukraine. The thing is, Russia’s Putin will not pull out his troops just like that. He will continue to fight and bully smaller nations in Russia’s favor.

His bloated ego and superpower mentality are instilled in his mind that no amount of defeat in the Ukraine-Russia war zone at this time will change his mind. He is committed to destroying Ukraine!

So, when will it end? There are so many factors to consider, but your answer is as good as mine!

ELPIDIO ESTIOKO was a veteran journalist in the Philippines and a multi-awarded journalist here in the US. For feedbacks, comments… please email the author at

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