Why Do You Read the Chronicle?

Rhea Alarin, Honolulu
I read the Hawaii Filipino Chronicle (HFC) to be up to date with local and national news regarding Filipino affairs. They share stories about real people and the good things happening in the community. I always look forward to reading the next issue.

Jay Flores, Honolulu
I like staying up-to-date with news and issues affecting the Filipino community in Hawaii.

Marion Hall, Ewa Beach
HFC is in both digital and print form making it accessible to anyone anywhere. The focus of the news is multifaceted. You can read about local, national and international news in one issue. Their coverage is unparalleled. The articles are interesting, and the staff members are real people in our community that we can relate to.

Dr. Edwin Jatico, Aiea
As a retiree, I like to read HFC to get involved in the Filipino community events. The paper is updated with the latest community events to connect with our culture and heritage. I appreciate the way the staff writes in simple language that is very easy to digest. HFC features multiple Filipinos in Hawaii from different backgrounds like housekeeper, nurses, constructions workers, etc. The news here is fantastic. You can find people you have not heard in years. I enjoy seeing Filipinos featured in HFC for their birthdays, weddings, or special occasions.

Jennifer Santos, Waipahu
HFC is where I also learned how to cook those old recipes from our great ancestors. I loved trying them. When it comes to legal things, especially immigration laws, they have a column for that. They don’t publish nonsense things. They have a trusty editorial staff that publishes valuable articles and respective opinion articles for the newspaper. This is a free newspaper, and it should be utilized wisely. From Philippine news to local news, to even international news, it’s covered here at HFC. Read it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Richie Toledo, Honolulu
Most of the time, you will find what you’re looking for last minute here in HFC like ads for place to rent, upcoming community events or even people you want to seek for assistance. Their availability to advertisers and readers is awesome. The friendly staff treat you like a part of their family. HFC also encourage new opinions, new faces and the next generation.

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