Hawaii Residents To Receive Tax Refunds By October

The first round of refund distributions has been sent to 100,000 taxpayers through direct deposit or by mail around Sept 12. However, for those who are receiving refund checks by mail and who filed their tax returns by July 31, tax refunds will be sent by the end of October.

“It is my hope that the $300 million in tax refunds being distributed so far, bring some relief to the hardworking people of the State of Hawaii who were hit hard by the pandemic,” Governor David Ige said.

Currently, the Department of Taxation are expecting additional check stock supplies to arrive to ramp up sending out paper refunds via mail to Hawaii residents. Once the check stock supply is received, paper refunds will increase to 90,000 per week from 2,000.

Hawaii taxpayers who requested electronic direct deposit will receive their refund through the same bank account. For those who requested a paper check refund or owed additional taxes, they will receive refund by paper check. The method of refund is unchangeable.

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