Check Your Mail Ballot’s Status
If you’re still waiting for your mail ballot packet to arrive or you already mailed it back to the County Elections Division, the Office of Elections created a website to easily check the status of your mail ballot packet by only providing your Hawaii Driver’s License or Hawaii State ID and your Social Security Number. Visit to check the status of your mail ballot packet.

Your Mail Ballot Packet
Your mail ballot packet includes a ballot, ballot secrecy sleeve and return envelope. After voting your ballot, place it inside the secrecy sleeve and then into the return envelope. Read the affirmation statement and sign the return envelope before returning it to your County Elections Division. You must sign the return envelope for your ballot to be counted.

Returning your Voted Ballot
By mail. Your return envelope’s postage is paid by the U.S. Postal Service. Return your ballot by mail no later than Oct. 27 to ensure it is received by the close of voting at Nov. 3 at 7pm. Ballots received after the deadline cannot be counted even if it is postmarked by Election Day. After Oct. 27, you have to drop off your mail ballot in person.

In Person. Drop your voted ballot to a voter service center or place of deposit established by your Country Elections Division.  The voter service center in Oahu are in Honolulu Hale (530 South King Street) and Kapolei Hale (1000 Uluohua Street). To see the full list of voter service centers and place of deposit, visit

Voting In Person
If you would rather vote in person, the voter service center will be open for in-person voting, same-day registration and voting, and mail ballot drop off. The centers will be open from Oct. 20 to Nov. 2, Monday through Saturday from 8am to 4:30pm. On Nov. 3, the centers will be open from 7am to 7pm.

Mail in your Ballots Now. Vote and Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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