Why Should Filipinos Vote for Steve Alm For Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney?

My name is Steven Alm and I seek your support.

I was born and raised in Honolulu. My parents were professors at the University of Hawaii College of Education, and I went to University Lab School with my older brother Robbie.

I worked for four summers at Dole Cannery, and later drove a cab for Charley’s Taxi. I boxed for Kalihi Youth Boxing Club out of Kalakaua Gym. At nineteen, I met Ben Villaflor there. He was a Champion Professional, and I was an amateur. We have been friends since, and Ben is Sergeant at Arms for the Hawaii State Senate.

I attended UH Manoa for two years, and then the University of Oregon, graduating with Bachelor and Master’s degrees in education. I met my wife, Haunani, a Kamehameha Schools Graduate, there, and we have been married for forty years. We have a great son, Chris, who currently lives in Washington DC.

This election is about restoring trust to the Prosecutor’s office. I have a proven record of leadership. I started at the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office, and was promoted to be a Felony Team Captain, and later, Director of the District and Family Court Division.

In 1994, President Bill Clinton appointed me as the United States Attorney for Hawaii. We focused on political corruption, drug trafficking, and organized crime. I led the Weed & Seed Effort in Kalihi-Palama and Chinatown, reducing crime there by over 70% in 3 years.

In 2001, Governor Ben Cayetano appointed me as a Circuit Court Judge. I was the toughest sentencing judge, and sent the violent and dangerous, and those who wouldn’t stop stealing, to prison. I used proven strategies like Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and HOPE Probation to help others succeed on probation. In 2010, I was named Hawaii Judge of the Year.

16 unions have endorsed me, including the Hawaii Nurses Association, the Carpenters, the ILWU, Local 5, the Masons, the Laborers, the Teamsters, and SHOPO.

I feel fortunate to have a lot of support in the Filipino Community, including Amy Agbayani, Firmo Dayao, Bennette Misalucha, Abby Shaw, Don Pacarro, Loreto Viloria, and the Yadao family.

I am committed to changing the Prosecutor’s Office and restoring trust there, and have the experience, accomplishments, leadership, determination, honesty, and integrity to run the office successfully from Day One.

I humbly ask for your vote. Mabuhay!

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