Why Should Filipinos Vote for Megan Kau For Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney?

I am running for Honolulu Prosecutor to end corruption and bring change to Honolulu. Crime is on the rise, and our community is fed up with it. We will bring law and order to Honolulu so that criminals know that we will no longer put up with this.

We will charge all crimes: low- and high-level crimes. This includes low level property crimes that so many of us suffer from. This also includes charging crimes when there is only video surveillance available.

The primary cause of crime is crystal methamphetamine. Drug addicts become criminals and have been getting away with violating our community. They commit 40-50 crimes yet still are free to roam our streets. This is not acceptable.

Also, I will end corruption by terminating anyone that helped Katherine Kealoha and Keith Kaneshiro in their misconduct. I am the only candidate that helped the federal agents investigate Katherine Kealoha and Keith Kaneshiro. I provided the agents with evidence, witnesses, and background information. I will end corruption.

Lastly, I will be a community leader who inspires our community. At 15 years old, I was homeless. My parents suffered from drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. I worked in many bars just to survive. Then I was a domestic violence victim. Although I am a strong, independent, and educated woman, I stayed in a violent relationship for about five years. When I finally left that relationship, I was homeless again for the second time in my life. I want to show those who have struggled and those who have been victimized that we can rise up. I want to bring real change to Honolulu by inspiring our community.

If you would like to know more about me, please go to www.friendsofmegankau.com or visit our Facebook page (Megan Kau for Prosecutor) or our Instagram (Megan Kau for Prosecutor).

If you want to end corruption and want real change for Honolulu, please vote for Megan Kau for Honolulu Prosecutor.

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