Filipino Online Conference “Baliktanaw” To Bridge Diasporic Filipinos and Filipinos in Motherland

A two-day online conference called “Baliktanaw” aims to provide audiences a safe-space to learn and discuss the historical backgrounds of Filipinos in the diaspora.

Held from Nov. 21st to 22nd, the conference hopes “to bridge a longstanding divide between diasporic Filipinos and the Filipinos in the motherland,” according to the press release.

Conference topics to be discussed includes “Plantations Days through COVID-19: Discrimination and Access for Hawaii Filipinos,” “Empire of Care: Health Disparities within Filipino Communities,” “Moving in Panel: Exploring immigrant experiences to the US,” and “How to Find your Voice: Journeying to explore Filipinx Identity.”

The conference project is hosted by a few students from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

“It is important to recognize the intricacies of influences that have molded Filipino ethnic and political identity today,” the students wrote in the event’s description.

“In this conference, we hope to promote a space to amplify the voices of our community; to fight for social justice and human rights and lead the next generation.”

To register for the Virtual Baliktanaw Conference on Nov. 21 to 22, visit

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