The Horrors and Honors of 2020

By Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

Just when we are starting to get hopeful for things to get better, a very strong typhoon entered the Philippines on the very first day of November. Typhoon Rolly battered the region of Bicol, causing damage to infrastructure and loss of lives. It has been a double whammy for the Philippines, already struggling with the many cases of COVID-19 and she also has to deal with violent storms coming one after another. The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has taken the lives of many young people. The explosion in Lebanon has damaged the nation tremendously. Add to this the uncertainty that the US Election brings, not just to its states but also to the nations around the world. These are just some of the few tough things that humanity has confronted and continues to face this year.

Surely, 2020 is a year filled with horror. It’s a season so many people want to cancel and get over with. It is the year many will remember as the year the world stopped as COVID-19 ravaged the whole world, shaking economies, stealing livelihood, halting travel and tourism and taking thousands of lives. It is the year that distanced everyone physically and socially. We face an unprecedented combination of health and economic problems. The world also suffers social and political unrest. Anxiety, insecurity, fear, despair and hopelessness have become this year’s bywords. Add to this the uncertainty that the US Election brings, not just to its states but the nations of the world.

But despite the terrors and many horror stories that this year brought about, it is undeniable that it has also produced countless stories of honor and hope. The world has become one in fighting an invisible enemy. Despite being physically away from each other, people have become more connected to each other virtually. Stories of generosity abound. Testimonies of encouragement, faith and hope proliferated. Accounts of creativity and resourcefulness to survive in the midst of trying times flourished. Countless stories of answered prayers on provision, healing and protection are being told. Fear and depression may have become bywords but hope, faith and love are still overcoming.

With less than two months left before 2020 ends, we are still uncertain of what the future brings. Will we see the end to the global pandemic? Will nations ravaged by natural disasters be able to recover quickly? Will the next President of a very, in fact the most powerful nation, make a positive impact to an already downtrodden and struggling society? The answers to these questions are unknown. But one thing is certain; there is still a God who is sovereign above all, even if many don’t believe He exists. In such a difficult time, He is the only one that gives me and my family hope and security. With all the shakings happening around, He is the firm foundation and the Rock by which we stand.

Maybe you have lost hope or faith because of the overwhelming darkness that 2020 has brought, may you be encouraged by these words from an old song…

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; there’s just something about that name.
Master, Savior, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain;
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, let all Heaven and earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
But there’s something about that name.”

He is the light in the darkness and the honor in the horrors of 2020.

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