Free Virtual Workshop on Hawaii’s Foreign Trade-Zone No. 9 for Import-Export Businesses

The Kinabukasan Series presents Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone No. 9, a free virtual workshop on how to take advantage of Hawaii’s Foreign Trade-Zone No. 9 and how it can help your import/export business. The FTZ9 could help defer, reduce, or even eliminate duties and taxes on imported goods and merchandise.

The workshop will feature Cindy Matsuki, Economic Development Specialist, from the Hawaii Foreign-Trade Zone No. 9; and will be facilitated by Vanessa Kop, FCCH Past President. The virtual event will be on Nov. 18, 6-8 p.m. Registration is required. To register, visit or Live Streaming: @FilipinoChamberHI and @MabuHIExpo.

The workshop is presented by the FCCH, FilCom Center, and HPBEC. For more information, call 808-554-1535.

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