House Suggest Pre-Travel Testing Program Be Modified

Photo by AP Photo/Marco Garcia

While a House Select Committee on COVID-19 Economic and Financial Preparedness report states that the current pre-arrival testing program has been an “unqualified success,” because it has protected Hawaii residents from a health standpoint and has helped jumpstart the state’s sagging economy, the committee sent a proposal to Gov. David Ige and county mayors to make a modification.

The proposal recommends that the pre-travel testing program be modified to allow travelers who have diligently complied with the 72 hour pre-arrival testing requirement but do not have a result in hand prior to their departure, be exempt from the self-quarantine requirement if they (1) have a negative rapid test result completed upon arrival in Hawaii and (2) produce a negative result from their original pre-travel test when received.

Currently, the State’s safe Travels Hawaiʻi Program requires travelers coming to Hawaii have a negative COVID-19 test before boarding their plane.

“So far, the program is working, and with a few enhancements, the committee believes it can be improved and some of the confusion about the program can be eliminated,” said House Speaker Scott K. Saiki. “We want to maintain communication with the Governor, the Mayors and other stakeholders to share information and perspectives and make sure the health and safety of the people of Hawaii is protected.”

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