Mail-In Voting Amendment Included in Voting Rights Bill

by Jim Bea Sampaga

The “For The People” Act, which advocates for better voting rights, recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives and Hawaii-inspired mail-in voting amendment was included, according to Congressman Ed Case.

“Our ‘For The People’ Act is a truly revolutionary bill that will implement many of the most critical government reform efforts we need to get government working for the people again,” said Case, noting that the bill will address voter suppression, simplified voting, election security and such.

The press release states that Case highlighted Hawaii’s first universal mail-in voting process and created an amendment to strengthen it that is now included in the “For The People” Act.

Case notes that the Aloha state showed the whole country that an all-mail election is possible “with virtually no fraud claims or disputed election results.”

He also believes there is still room for improvement. And improvement will encourage states to adopt the vote-by-mail process.

“My amendment simply directs the Election Assistance Commission to conduct a study on vote-by-mail efforts in 2020 elections and develop recommendations to help states better administer their elections in the future,” Case explained.

Among other highlights of Hawaii’s vote-by-mail system according to Case were the state’s high voter turnout percentage and wider election accessibility, especially elders and underserved communities.

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