Kokua Kauai Card Program to Help Local Businesses Attract Customers

The Kauai Chamber of Commerce is encouraging businesses to  participate in the Kokua Kauai Card program: a discount card program to help drive visitors to businesses greatly impacted by COVID-19.

In partnership with the Kauai Visitors Bureau and the Kauai Chapter of the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association, the card program will be presented to each visitor upon completion of the voluntary second COVID-19 vaccine test three days post-arrival. The card will offer the visitor access to discounts at participation businesses.

The Kokua Kauai Card program will commence on April 5, the day Kauai re-enters the Safe Travels Program.

In order to participate, a legitimate Kauai operating business must have a discount or promotional offer to provide to the customer. The card will feature a QR code that opens a webpage featuring the various discounts and promos offered.

“We have worked hard to make this program as user friendly as possible to allow the visitor easy access to the offer you are providing,” the Chamber wrote in a press release.

“We hope to have a wide range of offers available through the program, in order to entice visitors to take the voluntary second test.”

To join the Kokua Kaui Card program, sign up at kauaichamber.org/kokuacard/. The Chamber wants to remind applicants to prepare their offer and make sure to quantify its dollar value.

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