Bravo to Doctors On Stage, Let’s Support Their Latest Musical Production; It’s for a Good Cause

How we think, how we perceive the world is in many ways influenced by the massive information and messaging flow coming to us from every direction, from our social media feeds to the news sources we frequent, to our personal interactions. We are, in many ways, a compilation of the many voices that we hear and even those we choose to ignore, but are exposed to.

Art – visual and performing – is arguably one of the most powerful means of messaging.

Historically before mass communication technologies (TV, radio, internet) the arts arguably was the loudest voice in communities. Artists entertained, parodied royals (only means by which it was allowed), poked fun at Church hypocrisy. Actors then were also social critics. And as captains to imaginary ships that took audiences to faraway places where they felt comfortable to reflect, think, process –  actors, in this light also served, uniquely as healers.

Doctors On Stage (DOS) – comprised of a group of physicians (mostly members of the Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii), their staff, medical professionals, friends and family who have talent and a passion for the performing arts  – have now been presenting over a span of decades highly entertaining, thought-provoking musicals.

Since its first musical “In Tune with War and Peace” which was performed at the Blaisdell Center to a sold-out audience, Doctors On Stage brought relevant, timely social and family themes to present to our community through performing art.

DOS not only offers top-notched entertainment presented by non-career performing artists (volunteers), but also serves as a powerful voice raising awareness on a myriad of issues.

In their 10th and latest production “Fundemic” (to be held Sat, Jan 29, 2022, 6 pm, FilCom Center) it’s no surprise DOS took on the most engrossing issue since 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic as this year’s theme.

Fundemic is arguably the group’s most personally-themed musical as medical professionals, who are themselves, or have colleagues on the frontline working at hospitals, in ERs or ICUs helping to keep COVID-19 patients alive. Cast members have had patients who’ve’ passed away to the unrelenting virus. Their personal experiences of loss makes that bridge connecting their artistry to the public, their audience, that much more profound, piercing, and yes, inspirational.

DOS producer, brainchild of “Fundemic” and past DOS themes, Dr. Charlie Sonido said “The coronavirus has been a major challenge for all of us but at some point, life has to move on.”

“We have to pick ourselves up and not let this virus run our lives. We cannot hide or remain on lockdown forever. We have to learn to live with the effects of the virus or else the rest of our years will be wasted.”

A few other productions and themes DOS brought to life include “Rainbow Connection” (about the immigrant experience from the Philippines to Hawaii), “Butterflies and Kisses” (on the challenges and rewards of raising children), “Believe: In Praise of Faith and Freedom” (on spirituality and how faith-based solutions can help with everyday life).

DOS, DOS producer Sonido, creative director JP Orias and their talented cast (many multi-DOS production physician-performers) deserve a warm and sincere thank you for their creative and successful productions through the years, which are also fundraisers for Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls (BCWW).

BCWW is a non-profit organization that provides free medical care to immigrants, the homeless and poor who are uninsured. Many of the physicians of DOS are also BCWW members. As members they receive patient referrals from BCWW and treat patients at their own offices and clinics. DOS producer Sonido is a cofounder of BCWW.

BCWW is sponsored by the Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii and Hawaii Filipino HealthCare.Please consider donating to BCWW directly.DOS is truly a unique project in time for our community and an effective way to raise funds for BCWW. The next generation of Filipino doctors might decide to carry on this tradition (we hope) or find other means to fundraise for BCWW. That future is unclear. In the meantime while the handful-to-a-dozen key cast members of DOS are still passionate about this project, let’s go out and support them.

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