Prayer For The May 2022 Elections

by Seneca Moraleda-Puguan

My husband and I are very anxious of the upcoming elections. Though we are not in the Philippines physically, we know that the results of the elections will impact our children and our children’s children.

The important decision of every Filipino voter will dictate the future of our nation. The past few months have been intense with all the debates, campaigns, mudslinging from different parties.

All the hullabaloos of the elections make us laugh, furious, uneasy, excited and feel all sorts of emotions. We are in faith that a person with integrity and firm convictions, one who has a track record of delivering and serving, has great love for the Filipino people will take the highest position of the land but the results are out of our control.

The only thing we can do is pray. What is impossible to us is possible with God. So, pray every day we do.

Please join us in praying as millions of Filipinos from all over the world cast their vote and install the 17th President of the Philippines.

PEACE AND ORDER. Father, we pray for clean, honest elections. We pray for protection upon the candidates as they campaign, and the electorate as they go to the precincts and cast their vote. We declare that there will be no reports of violence and disorder – from the day of voting to counting to proclaiming the new leaders of the land. Bless, protect and sustain all the volunteers who will be working day and night in the polling places to make sure that the ballots are kept safe. We declare peace and order to prevail on election day.

UNITY. The elections are one of the most divisive events of our country. Father, we pray for unity to reign in our land. We all love our country and we only want the best for our land. May you break down the walls of division and may the Filipino people be one despite our differences in beliefs and preferences.

WISDOM. Lord, bless the Filipino people with wisdom and discernment to choose the best leader of our nation. May they know the heart and the intentions of the candidates. May they choose leaders with pure and selfless motives, clean and clear agenda, intense passion to serve the people. I pray that the Filipino people will learn from the mistakes of the past and choose leaders with integrity and conviction.

HEALING. The Philippines has suffered terrible things due to corruption and wrong practices committed by elected leaders. May the next six years under the new leader be a time of restoration, freedom from poverty, and fresh hope for our country. May you thwart the plans of the enemy that tries to steal, kill and destroy the great purposes and promises that you have for the Philippines. Please silence the lies and frustrate the devices of people who only desire selfish gains. Father, we pray that you heal our land.At the end of the day, our God is sovereign. He is in control.

Whoever get elected as the new President and Vice-President, whether we like them or not, God still loves the Philippines and He has great plans for our beloved land.

Our hope is set, not on whoever gets the position as the most powerful person in the land, but on the most powerful – the One who gives and takes away, the One who sets up and appoints leaders, the One who sees the hearts of men – the Lord of all.Yes, I am anxious about the coming elections. The future is uncertain. But I have hope for the Philippines. Great things are yet to come! God bless the Philippines!

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