Chronicle Pulse: In Your Opinion, What is the Significance of Terno Ball Events in Our Community?

“Terno Ball reminds me of our cultural heritage. When I came to Hawaii, I missed the Philippines so much and I’m glad that the Terno Ball is one of the ways I can ease my longing for my home country. Wearing a terno gown during the event shows how proud I am to be Filipino.” – Cecilia Villafuerte

“The terno is a symbolic way to stay truly rooted in our Filipino culture and heritage. Although we are in Hawaii and have taken the American way of life, the Terno Ball is a reminder to never forget where we came from.” – Magdalena Domingo

“The Terno Ball will always be a reminder to the younger generation of our rich Filipino culture. This is a part of our culture and we should share this to others so they will appreciate what makes being a Filipino so unique.” – Emme Ortega Anderson

“Wearing a Barong Tagalog is significant for me because under the Spanish rule, the women’s terno and men’s barong are worn in formal occasions to identify oneself as Filipino. We inherited this from our forefathers and we should stand tall for it to acknowledge our cultural heritage.” – Romy Dela Cruz

“The Barong Tagalog is unique to Filipinos so it’s impossible not to feel the Filipino pride when wearing it. To don a barong is to wear a part of your cultural heritage. It is an acknowledgement of the historical influences that made us who we are.” – Jeorge Versoza

“The barong worn by men during the Spanish rule was really an honor because not all are privileged to wear them. It’s not for ordinary wear. It should be worn with dignity and pride. It’s the signature label of our rich culture and heritage. We are very fortunate and lucky to have been given the opportunity to display our proud Filipino culture through the barong.” – Ben Cabreroos

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