Chronicle Pulse: Who Is Your Greatest Philippines Freedom Fighter?

“I like Dr. Jose Rizal because he is a reformist and his method to fight for freedom are more effective in the hostile occupancy of the Spaniards. He started the revolution against the Spanish government to attain freedom and to gain control of the country. He was very motivated.” – Raymond Segundo

“I prefer Lapu-Lapu, the Datu or Chief of Mactan of the Visayas Island where I came from. Lapu-Lapu is the first to resist Imperial Spanish Colonization by vanquishing Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan at the Battle of Mactan.” – Meranie Publar Gadiana Rahman

“I like Andres Bonifacio because he is the leader of the revolution and the president of the Tagalog Republis. He is the founder and the leader of the nationalist “Katipunan Society,” known as the father of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish occupation.” – Andres Tunac Jr.

“I like Emilio Aguinaldo because after fighting with the Spaniards who colonized the Philippines for three centuries, he achieved independence from Spain and became the first president of the Philippines under the Malolos Congress.” – Evangeline Andres

“I like Gabriela Silang because she is the only female military leader and best known on her role as the female leader of the Ilocano Independence Movement from Spain. She took over the leadership after her husband Diego Silang’s assassination for the Ilocos’ freedom. She was a mother, a partner, a Filipina fearless leader and they called her “Henerala.” She strived to liberate all Filipino women and she was remembered as an empowered Filipina.” – Aurora Ancheta Huggins

“I prefer Gregorio del Pilar. He was the youngest general of the Philippine Revolution during the Philippine-American war. He is known as the “Hero of Tirad Pass.” He fought and held back the strong invading Americans with only a handful of men; thus, giving time for General Emilio Aguinaldo to escape the invading enemies.” – Joel Tolentino

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