Two Filipino Directors at the Kahala: Lamontagne and Alcantara

Flora Galla Lamontagne, Director of Guest Relations
Lamontagne has been working at the Kahala Hotel & Resort for over 14 years. As Director of Guest Relations, she takes care of VVIP guests, prior, during and after their stay at the hotel. Some of her VVIP guests include artists, government officials, foreign dignitaries, royalty and CEOs. She says, basically, all high-profile guests that come through the Resort’s doors.

Lamontagne is the point of contact for VVIP guests and she coordinates and works with the various departments at the Kahala to “fulfill the preferences of these VVIPs,” she said. Her work also includes maintaining continued relations with these guests.

Prior to the Kahala Hotel and Resort, Flora worked at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel for 10 years. She started as a Front Desk Clerk and worked her way up to Assistant Front Office Manager.

Her inspiration to make a career in the hotel industry:
“I found the hospitality industry fascinating, the transient nature of the industry and meeting guests from all over the world made it so fulfilling for me.  I have met and created long-lasting relationships with people from all over the world.  I find a lot of satisfaction in calming a guest and finding solutions to the challenges posed by our guests.”

What makes the Kahala special?
“The Aloha spirit of our staff really shines through. Many [here] have been working for decades and our guests (who have become a part of our Kahala ‘ohana) who return year after year often comment on how it feels like home.  Of course, the location also puts our guests, especially our kamaaina, in a totally different environment.  Our kamaaina can experience a level of service and feel that our offshore guests experience.”

Educational background:
B.Ed, BA in History, BA in Literature, 2 final courses shy of BS in TIM.  Started Masters in Asian Studies with a focus on Burma.

Place of origin:
Flora was born and partly raised in the Philippines before migrating to the U.S.

On working with GM Joe Ibarra:
“I’ve had a really great opportunity to work closely and continue to do so with Joe Ibarra prior to his becoming the General Manager of The Kahala as he was my immediate director when he first arrived at The Kahala.  His transparency, temperament, wealth of knowledge (of the hospitality industry) and willingness to listen to everyone (from management team to working line staff) makes his leadership work well under all circumstances.”

Romel Alcantara, Director of Purchasing and Cost Control
Alcantara has been working at the Kahala Hotel and Resort for close to 12 years. He’s fairly new to his current position as Director of Purchasing and Cost Control (just over a year). Prior to that, he was the Director of Housekeeping for 10.5 years.His career in the hospitality industry spans more than 25 years, taking on various roles as Service Express Manager, Front Office Manager, Director of Housekeeping, Director of Operation, Assistant General Manager and Acting GM for various hotels in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

His inspiration to make a career in the hotel industry:
“Because I want people from other parts of the world to come to a place they had never visited and provide them hospitality, to learn our culture and offer a heartfelt genuine ALOHA! I find personal fulfillment when a guest can take home with them an experience, a memory that lasts them a lifetime because of their visit to The Kahala; also giving my associates the tools they need to succeed to do their job that much easier and that much better.

What makes the Kahala special?
“The genuine hospitality that you get from every individual employee!”

Educational background:
Lanai High School and Portland State University

Place of origin:
Born in Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii; but grew up mostly on the island of Lanai, Hawaii

On working with GM Joe Ibarra:
“I have worked with Joe Ibarra or “Joey” for over eight years!  He brings with him a vision, a vison of authentic hospitality.  He delivers his vison from the heart and ensures that everyone is on the same page so that we can delight our guests and ensure they had a great experience and a great time at our Kahala!”

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