House Committee Pass Bill To Provide Tax Relief To Hawaii Residents

Announced on Feb. 14, the House Committee on Education and Committee on Economic Development approved bill HB1049 for a second hearing.

“The bill aims to restructure the state’s income tax brackets, increase tax credits for working families, and create tax credits for teacher expenses,” as stated in the announcement.

Moreover, the bill would lower the income tax for all brackets, increase the income of working families by thousands of dollars and Hawaii renters would see relief through increased tax credits.

For individual filers from $2,200 to $5,000, they would see a double in their standard deduction. While those from $1,144 to $2,288 would see a double in their personal exemption.

“This measure provides much-needed relief for our families who work hard every day to maintain their households and make ends meet,” said Economic Development Chair Daniel Holt.

“By reducing the financial burden on families, we empower them to make choices that benefit our local economy and bring growth to our communities.”

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